Friday, July 26, 2013

We can't value marriage, because it discriminates against non-married couples.

Makes sense right?

Why have laws, because laws discriminate. That what laws do, they make distinctions. Well that what words do as well, they make distinctions between different type of relationships and their obligations.

Visit the fatherless streets I grew up on, Clegg told From the UK

A recent announcement from Downing Street that a tax break for married couples will be published in the Autumn was met with criticism from Mr Clegg, who said it was unfair on people who choose not to marry.

But Selina Gray said he would change his mind if he visited the estate on which she grew up, and “would learn that the idea of a tax-break for married couples is something that benefits all of us by sending a message that society values the family and the commitment, stability and self-sacrifice that goes with it”.

Last month, The Centre for Social Justice, an independent think-tank, released a report which showed that at least one million children are growing up without a father in the UK, and that the number of lone-parent families is increasing by 20,000 every year.

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  1. What? The tax breaks are the -point- of being married!

    I kid, I kid...

    I hope you haven't given up on Alexandria! I'm working on a post about the social perception of men's responsibilities and was hoping you'd comment on that with respect to raising children.

    John E.