Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It takes a lot to openly say you are sorry

FAR LEFT TX ACTIVIST Apologizes for Smearing Pro-Zimmerman Group With Hateful Racist Sign Renee Vaughan says she doesn’t want to foment hate.
I did a really stupid thing this weekend, and I apologize with all of my being. No matter who I agree or disagree with, I don’t want to foment hate. I my haste, I did exactly that. Had I thought before I put a bad message out to the world, I wouldn’t have hurt, angered and embarrassed so many people. I pray for forgiveness, and to never, ever be that stupid again. Those who know me know that I want a better world for everyone. I hope you can forgive me, World.
We've all done things that were stupid in our lifetime and thoughtless. Lesson for all.

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