Friday, July 5, 2013

7QT PopTarts paid by the Government

7QT PopTarts from the Government

1. Over at Alexandria. My youngest child is having some extra speech services, twice a week this summer. Our city schools qualify in the summer to have the cafeterias open for anyone under 18 to get a free breakfast or lunch, depending on the neighborhood.

I figured we should take advantage of the program since the other three children were in the school waiting. All that was offered was a choice of pre-frozen apple juice or fruit punch, a package of Pop-tarts, and a choice of white milk and chocolate milk.

2. I was glad to of helped out with Catholic All Year's FB post on marriage. She would like more conversation on her breastfeeding in public post.

3. Reality doesn’t fit into my Facebook Profile.

4. Marriage is not friendship, and the lost ritual of dating.

5. Neighborhood Residents With Lowest Incomes Most Likely to Care About Their Communities

"One possibility is that, because these individuals had such low incomes, they were more likely to stay in the same area for a long time," Yu said. "Low-income residents might lack the resources to move to other communities, whereas their neighbors with relatively higher incomes might be more able to move to better neighborhoods with safer environments."

6. I don't think we will ever go on vacation again, no matter where we go we now have to book two hotel rooms.

7. It's time to get a pool.


  1. Re 6—How about camping.  We have camped in Sicily and along the Seine in Paris (Did Paris Air Show and Versailles), and best of all, Lago Bracciano, north of Rome (Italian Air Force Museum and 1930s home to the Italian Schneider Cup racers).

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Camping is work. Not vacation.