Friday, July 19, 2013

7QT On the Radio talking NFP

7QT Over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. I was on the radio last Sunday talking about Natural Family Planning with Paul Murano. We talked on the effects on the Environment, Women Health, and Demography experienced at a personal level. I speak more in the second half, but the first half with Barbara (an NFP teacher) was great. On the SECOND hour at the 46:16 mark is a good place to jump to if you only had a few minutes. It is mostly me.

2. We are in a heat wave. In Lowell that means crime goes up. I did the broadcast on Sunday night, after there was three shootings in Lowell on Saturday in the city.

3. At WCAP 980 Lowell it is like a moment stood still in time, the office has not been remodeled in DECADES. Very cool, all the radio equipment has been transferred to digital but much of the older equipment is hanging around.

4. I was on Paul Murano's show, a graduate of Boston College and a Professor at some of the local colleges. I was nervous, never being on radio before in this manner. I didn't freeze or get shaky in my voice, but if you have another informative guest on with you this makes conversation so much easier!

5. Barbara Donovan was awesome, as an NFP teacher she had a three ring binder with hundreds of references of studies/facts about NFP. For instance I brought up Japan's low fertility and the effects of elder care, she had a cite within her book she wanted to make known. There was also lots of discussion on how men respond to women on the Pill.

6. I do worry that I brought my personal life on the radio. I mentioned sexual partners prior to my husband, and I reference my own family growing up. For instance I have cousins, who have many siblings and I found great joy in that even though I was a generation younger. I also talked about the contraception mentality with my parents. This is what you can listen to in the 46:16 mark in the second hour.

7. My parents are not religious, but they are more open to NFP. One of the odd/normal things my mom once said to me as an adult in causal conversation, 'Be glad you are a wanted child.' I knew what my mother meant, but yet? 'Mom, what if I wasn't 'wanted' would you still love me?'Awkward. I would hope and I believe that yes my parents would love me even if I wasn't planned/intended.


  1. WOO HOO! Cheers to you for stepping out of your comfort zone to speak on the radio, especially on such an important and sensitive topic. I can't think of a way it could be done without bringing your personal life into it in some way - unless, of course, you have a huge binder with tons of reference material ;)

    1. Funny moment in the first hour, when we talked about taboo words like 'cervical mucus'. You can't get around the word, when discussing this. One of the immediate feedback on FB during the show was 'TMI'.

      Barbara was just great being very professional with medical terms, but that's is a big part of this discussion. If anyone wants to do this, definitely go in pairs as we did. I never met her previously, but it just worked out well.