Friday, July 12, 2013

7QT Follow up on Pop-tarts, free cell phones

Join Jen at Conversion Diary for 7QT Follow up on the Pop-tarts is #7 below.

1. I don’t need a free cell phone. First it was the pop-tarts, now it is the free cell phone.

Walked out of the Department of Children and Families (I volunteer here), and a man with an Assurance shirt ask me nicely if I needed a free cell phone. I said no. Then he asked if I was on food stamps or MassHealth I don’t have a problem with subsidized/free phones. I have a problem with the MARKETING of this.
People find out about food stamps and Masshealth without the need of marketing, if they have a need they will seek out help. Public service announcements is different then recruitment, which isn't allowed. Community resources are NOT A SALES GUY approaching random people on the sidewalk.

2. Do you check in on your parents? Are you obligated to? New law requires Chinese to visit their elderly parents as country struggles to care for aging population – National Post

3. Lynne is my 180. Lynne and I are exact opposite, despite being the same age, same education achievement, and same childhood backgrounds.

OK I admit it, I cried over the Facebook thread. Not out of anger or even at a personal level, just frustrated that post-modernism is so apart of main-stream culture and values that even suggesting anything has structure when it comes to human sexuality to dismissed with laughter.

I'm not faulting my neighbor, simply we could be talking science and yet when it comes to human sexuality science doesn't apply. The idea that a penis is designed by nature to ejaculate into a vagina was mocked. Or that a mother and father are equally important.

4. ABOVE THE LAW sides with pro-life arguments. Wendy’s Wasted Voice: Why Fighting the Texas Abortion Bill Was Not ‘Pro-Woman’

Wendy Davis opposed a bill that gives women seeking abortions the same level of safety as women seeking LASIK on a Friday afternoon. Should I have feel empowered as a Texas woman that I can currently get a D&E for an unplanned pregnancy at a place with lower standards than where I could get a endoscopy for an acid reflux diagnosis? What is so “pro-woman” about lower health and safety standards for abortions?
I think a part of hell froze over.

5. Vermont wants less people.

6. Vermont complains when young adults leave and have children else where.

7. Follow up on the Poptarts. On Thursday, the free lunch program served chocolate muffins.


  1. So I just finished Detroit: An American Autopsy in audio form. After hearing the N-bomb dropped by black politicians, leaders, workers and average citizens about 4,000 times, I've decided the outrage is just a con game meant to sucker in a bunch of rubes. Dittos for the "War on Women" and "Homophobia" rubbish.

    Translated into reality, all of this is about power and/or getting laid. It's not more complicated than that. It's tiresome (and meant to be) to continually have to say, "No, I don't hate (insert group here)" and then justify it with examples.

    Wendy Davis knows she can get votes and therefore access to power by defending voters' rights to getting laid. She doesn't, at any level, actually believe you or I are engaging in a War on Women. It's all an act for the chumps.

    1. Republicans may not care, but the fact is neither do Democrats.

      There are many things platform wise I actually agree with the Ds, but when I use to get the email updates from the DCCC and I still get the OFA updates they rarely talk about it.

      Living in Massachusetts, it is just frustrating. We lean left and we care about the poor and we actually have some great programs to help out, but the want to place casinos with easy access for the poor and we refuse to talk about long term stabilization of families with public policy.

      It is like the political scheme is to sabotage the community.

      I'm may not against free breakfast and and cell phone access, but what are we doing long term to ensure that individuals do not need these services five years from now. The problem is those 'who get out of poverty' leave the city (as in Detroit), so all the investment getting out of poverty is never rewarded back to the economically depressed area.

  2. Not just the Chinese.  There is a French film Tatie Danielle (1990) (I have seen with subtitles) that views the same issue.  In France, after that terrible hot summer, when so many older folks died in August and France instituted some laws.  The IMDB writeup is here.  Professor Taryn Dentaous included it in her Continuing Ed course on French Culture through Cinema.

    Regards  —  Cliff

    1. Cliff,

      I was a guest on WCAP on Sunday night, and this issue came up in terms of who will 'check on the eldery' with the decline of families and children. I'm not worried about 'death panels', the elderly can't make it to the doctor if there is no one to check up on them.

      Japan takes steps to keep elderly from dying alone (2011)

      two years later...

      Let elderly people 'hurry up and die', says Japanese minister (2013)

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