Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So I still support a union between a man and a woman, as objectively different.

This is really strange. I'm acknowledge the a sexual relationship between a man and a woman is different, and I risk of being called a hateful ignorant bigot. I don't know, what to say. Of course I'm worried, I've already experience the pressure that I should submit to the idea that a union between a man and a woman is not relevant or no different from other relationships.

I'm compelled though, not to deny this simple and understandable truth.

From the USCCB

“Marriage is the only institution that brings together a man and a woman for life, providing any child who comes from their union with the secure foundation of a mother and a father.

“Our culture has taken for granted for far too long what human nature, experience, common sense, and God’s wise design all confirm: the difference between a man and a woman matters, and the difference between a mom and a dad matters. While the culture has failed in many ways to be marriage-strengthening, this is no reason to give up. Now is the time to strengthen marriage, not redefine it.

“When Jesus taught about the meaning of marriage – the lifelong, exclusive union of husband and wife – he pointed back to “the beginning” of God’s creation of the human person as male and female (see Matthew 19). In the face of the customs and laws of his time, Jesus taught an unpopular truth that everyone could understand. The truth of marriage endures, and we will continue to boldly proclaim it with confidence and charity.


  1. I'm with you. Trying to explain what I believe and why could have me prosecuted for a hate crime. And yet, no union between man and man or woman and woman will ever bring about a child through natural means. Therefore, the union between man and woman is different. And that's not something that any law can change.

    1. And it will be more and more difficult to express that, as seen with the smear campaigns. Considering this verbiage over at Mark Shea's Comments....

      "Nobody is going to make your church perform gay marriages, ever, just like nobody now or ever will make you perform marriages of divorced persons.

      However, social pressures are going to make it more and more and more uncomfortable for your little sect to inflict its bigoted views on others. I can very easily see in 30 years, if the RCC doesn't either change its teaching or shut up about this, having the vast majority of the people of this country viewing you the same way they view the Klan. Thinking that, though you have a right to your views, that your views are so backwardly disgusting and bigoted that no moral person in polite society should hold them."

      And that is what we are being treated as, "backwardly disgusting and bigoted" believe me I've been called out on this. I been told, even so gently and sometime not so gently. To be honest, yeah now I'm getting nervous. I've always made my views known, and I won't back down.

      I'm scared of the lies being told of Catholics, and the confusion it brings to people.

  2. We live in a time of collective madness.

  3. Is there anyway I can fit a 186 page report 'What about the dads?' in my facebook profile?