Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NBC America Got Talent's "Gay Magical Elf" Stereotyping

this weird new bullshit: the Gay Suits demanding “gay positive” in the media versus the Gay Dudes who just want “gay reality” in the media no matter how painful and flawed that reality is. -Bret Easton Ellis (Out Magazine)

This post isn't about homosexuals, but the on going criticism that the media manipulates its audience by producing entertainment that is

"The Gay Man as Magical Elf in the culture and often awarded the stereotypes parading around in embarrassing queer movies and degrading retro sitcoms as simply “gay positive” because they were, um, gay." -Bret Easton Ellis (Out Magazine)
Last night watching America's Got Talent, it featured an entertainer, that started out with his back story SOLELY being that he was kicked out of the home at the age of 18, because he was gay. We don't know any other facts, but I saw what was coming as we watched the show with my four children. It was the "gay magical elf" story line, that wants to make the legal adult into little "gay baby panda" by NBC producers. (Note: the quoted terms are Ellis', not mine)Yes, I changed the channel, and kept flipping back to we wouldn't actually miss this young man's performance.

His performance was good, no one is questioning that. So this unemployed young adult, doesn't live with his parents and is no way supported by his parents. Well, I know lots of 18 year olds in this situation and not gay. Parents are not legally bound to support 18 year olds, neither is the Department of Children & Families. Young adults may live with their parents for an extended time, and young adults may sign onto DCF voluntarily (if the young adult were under the custody of the Department the day prior to their birthday). But there is a catch, to stay on DCF you have to be doing something. That something is school and work, in economic hard times, the Department will work with with an adult that is trying or else the support stops.

We have no idea of the details, all we are getting is that this performer is being put on the 'feel sorry for me' pedestal for simply being gay. There is more to the story, its none of our personal business, but it wasn't our business to begin with. The issue was thrust upon us, the parents being bashed have no way to defend themselves from NBC's editing.

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