Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WCVB has some nerve on its UnWed Motherhood/Marriage sideshow.

For several years, I've posted on the connection between marriage and motherhood, in which the term matrimony, literally means in Latin the act of being a mother'. So as I begin to read the local news, I find this slide show, "Massachusetts towns with most unmarried mothers". WCVB is the ABC affiliate here in Boston, it has always back the redefining of marriage to be just about two people, and nothing about the the natural logical outcome from heterosexual relationships, which was children and the public policy goals to achieve a stability between both maternal and paternal parent. Meanwhile Governor Deval Patrick is shaming anyone who understands that marriage really was about the needs of children, to have their mother and father as merely private thoughts that should not be shared as public opinion.

According to the slide show, well to-do suburbs like Andover had 31% of mothers not married. Lowell was at 46%. This isn't about shaming women, rather this is asking a legitimate question about the father and his role in the child's life. Where is he in relationship with the mother of his child? Will he be apart of the whole family or will her fade away? If not married, what is the health of the relationship? Is it abusive/toxic/immature? Or is the relationship otherwise healthy and loving prior to pregnancy, in which the couple could stabilize with marriage?

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