Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The problem doesn't go away....

Yesterday Rhode Island, today Delaware, next month another state. The research has been there, and swept aside on the real need for a child to be raised by both biological parents under one roof. I don't have the lobbying power of Dupont, or other corporate sponsors of legislation that redefine marriage and thwart its original public policy goals. From Town Hall Kellie Fiedorek | May 06, 2013

And most tragic is the result a “yes” vote will have on the children of Delaware. Redefining marriage places the state’s endorsement on fatherless and motherless homes, as could be exemplified in new, sterile government forms that read “Parent A” and “Parent B.” It’s one thing for children to grow up without a father or a mother through the various consequences of life. It’s entirely something else to intentionally create that reality....

Throughout civilization, marriage has been recognized by diverse cultures for the good of children, the family, and society at large. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the importance of marriage multiple times, stating that marriage between a man and a woman is “essential to our very existence and survival.” And the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that it is a child’s right to know and be cared for by her mother and father wherever possible....

As the historic vote on Tuesday approaches, let us pause to consider: Is this what we want for our children? Do we want our children and grandchildren to know that we prioritized the emotional desires of adults over their needs? How do we look a child in the eye and tell them that they didn’t get a father or a mother because we decided that they didn’t need one? That’s a simple question worth asking.

From (Part 2) Corporations Don't Love You or Care, and Progressive Liberalism is as Dead as Social Conservatism
Why is a large corporation which spends millions in lobbying, upwards of 1.2 million within a quarter, that pays no taxes to our federal government interested in Marriage? Why not talk about the issue of fatherless homes and parental engagement for the rights and needs of children in their home state of Delaware? Why is the push for redefining marriage coming from 1%? Will the left part of the 99% question their motives?


  1. I read somewhere of a married gay couple (men) who adopted six boys and raped them repeatedly for years. It got as much play in the press as Gosnell.

    Good times ahead. Good times.

  2. I saw that story as well, but I don't believe it is relevant to the larger picture. Their behavior represents themselves. Just as straight people who sexually abuse children.

    It seems unclear how they were allowed to adopt so many children (nine) with little follow up from the state. You would think being Connecticut, they're pretty liberal and social services should of had the resources to ensure this didn't happen. We also don't know if these boys were abused previously, were they getting other supports (therapy). Children, who previously been in abusive situations, shouldn't be raised in 'a group home/semi orphanage' by non professionals.

    Children abused really need to be at time 'the only child' or 'the only sibling group' in the homes.

    Shame on the Department of Children & Families and the Judge that allowed this adoption.

  3. Here are some more details...

    It seems that the therapist was the notifier

    "A therapist who treated Harasz and some of the children is quoted in Harasz's arrest warrant as saying she made a report to DCF more than two years ago about serious physical abuse in the family.

    The therapist, Charlene Dotts-Mete, also reported to Glastonbury police investigators that Harasz admitted to her in November 2008 that he was using marijuana almost daily, and that she observed a deterioration in his mental state and the way he was treating the children, according to the warrant."

  4. oh crap..... from the same article!

    "The 5-year-old told police, over the course of several interviews conducted by forensic social workers, that Harasz sodomized him, according to the warrants. The boy, in a halting manner, also made disclosures about the abuse to a new foster parent, a DCF social worker, police and others. The boy said that the abuse "hurt,'' and made him feel like "I want to die," according to the warrant.

    The men adopted nine boys through the DCF beginning in 2000. The boys are from three sibling groups. Harasz and Wirth received two waivers, one in 2006, and the second in 2008, in order to exceed the limit for adopted children in one household.

    Police said they began an investigation into allegations of abuse in February. A second investigation began in August. The boys, three groups of siblings, were removed from the home about a month after the February investigation began, authorities said. In both cases, the state Department of Children and Families notified police about the alleged abuse."

  5. Renee, men and women see sex very differently. The old cliche that men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love isn't too far off base. What makes you think that the dynamic when both partners are men isn't going to be something very different from what you'd see in a hetero relationship? See also: the divorce proceedings of David Tutera.

    The abuse story and David Tutera's divorce got me thinking about the different model of marriage for two men.

  6. And the have a surrogate to give birth to twins in July.

    I don't know David Tutera, I don't have cable or watch a lot of TV.

    It sounds like a lot of what heterosexual couples do, to have a baby as a last ditch effort to 'save' the relationship. Well mostly teens do this.

    Babies can only make a relationship stronger, if there is a relationship already there. Kids are stressful, and flip the dynamic upside down.

    Pretty much these kids as newborns will be shipped back and forth between two people that hate each other. One of them isn't even a biological parent.

  7. Tutera is one of the first high-profile gay divorces. His partner accused him of being a sex addict and of using male prostitutes.