Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rhode Island ignored the facts on Children and Marriage

From RI Kids Count (Page 10)

Single-Parent Families

2000 RI 32%US 31%

2011 RI 38% US 35%

National Rank* 39th New England Rank** 6th *1st is best; 50th is worst **1st is best; 6th is worst The Annie E. Casey Foundation, KIDS COUNT

Economic Well-Being and Family Structure

Economic status during early childhood can have a profound effect on children’s health and development. Stable family structure is strongly correlated with economic well-being. Married-parent families have the highest economic status, followed by cohabiting-parent families, and then by single-parent families. For women, entering marriages or cohabiting relationships (especially with the child’s biological father) is associated with increased economic status. Divorces and exits from cohabiting relationships are associated with declines in economic well-being.12

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