Monday, May 6, 2013

Oprah’s Lifeclass: Fatherless Sons

Iyanla Vanzant discusses the importance of fathers in new OWN special, ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass: Fatherless Sons’

Oprah says during Oprah’s Lifeclass: Fatherless Sons that the issue of fatherless sons is one that you most wanted to take on. Why?

It’s a topic I think that we all experience, but we don’t really talk about with a solution in mind. Everyone talks about single moms. Everyone talks about the difficulties we see young men going through. We’ve made a joke about it in songs. We talk about “baby mama.” We talk about “baby daddy.” We don’t talk about the baby. Fatherless sons are the babies in the midst of the drama between the mother and the father. And they’re dropping out of high school. They’re ending up in jail. They’re killing each other. All of these things are going on. We just seem to have our hands tied. We have to talk about the impact on a young man’s life when his father isn’t there. We have to talk about the humanity, the human qualities, of what happens when a child has a missing parent.

Meanwhile in Iowa ‘Mother’ and ‘father’ labels may be removed from Iowa birth certificates
“The court found that the department’s construction of the presumption of paternity law — which directs the department to name a woman’s husband as the father of her child on the birth certificate — was correct,” Carver-Kimm wrote. “But the Court went on to hold that the statute itself violates the equal protection clause of the constitution.”

The reality that every child has a mother and father is 'violation' of the equal protecting clause? What about protecting children's rights to both biological parents? Don't we want both a mother and father to both be equally responsible to their child? The disturbing twisting of rights, that the child's right to biological kin are to be transferred with no due process is beyond incomprehensible. So much for truth and justice?

First Look: Oprah's Lifeclass on Fatherless Sons

What if America's sons didn't have to grow up without their fathers? What difference could it make? It's a problem that's been going on for too long and at too great a cost. And it's time to talk about it.


  1. So DNA test to prove parentage will be considered unconstitutional at some point based on these cases?