Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Response to Deval Patrick

Governor Deval Patrick has an op-ed in the Washington Post, 'Gay marriage and the right to be ordinary'. I wrote a blog post six years ago addressing my concerns. No where in his op-ed does he address any public policy concerns regarding a relationship between both parents and children.

Massachusetts’ Governor on his parent’s broken marriage

Patrick shaped by father's absence By Sally Jacobs, Globe Staff | March 25, 2007 It was supposed to be Deval Patrick's day of triumph.

He was 18 years old and his family was gathered in the crowded Milton Academy gymnasium on a rainy summer morning in 1974 to watch him graduate. Suddenly, his father, who had largely abandoned the family 15 years earlier and had seen his son rarely, showed up unexpectedly. Deval was not happy to see him.

Patrick's family -- his mother, grandparents, and sister -- sat though the ceremony rigid with tension, angrily eyeing Pat Patrick at the end of the row. And then as they all drove in his grandfather's Buick toward a restaurant to celebrate, his parents began to fight. They screamed at each other, and curses flew. Patrick senior, an emotional man who had opposed his son's attending the elite private school, broke into tears.

Through it all, Deval sat quietly in the front seat. When the car stopped at a light he got out, slammed the door, and stamped back to his dorm.

"It was a disaster," the governor recalled in an interview in his State House office. "I am thinking, this is supposed to be my day. . . . I just bailed."

Patrick was funded heavily by the neutered marriage lobby in his early candidacy in the Democratic primary. I questioned back on my blog last year, when I was making a decision on who to vote for in that primary. Before he was even sworn in a few months ago, he attempted to lobby the legislature to close the session before having a vote on the marriage amendment. One of the arguments for neutered marriage is that mom and dads don't matter at all, clearly it does even for Deval.

I wrote this on my (old) blog back in August 2006 during the democratic primary about Deval Patrick.

"He should be proud that he is a husband and father. His family made sacrifices for his career, so we could enjoy the fruit of his legal and corporate accomplishments. His wife, who I believe is also a lawyer, indeed probably has her own career but I'm sure her career took a back seat so he could work with President Clinton or on the multiple seats as Board of Director on major corporations.

I shouldn't have to down play the fact I'm wife or mother, to be anything I want outside of home. Of course with young children, I can't be at two places at once and such endeavors will have to wait until I'm middle aged and the kids older. But here is Deval's greatest accomplishment, his marriage with his wife and daughters, when his mother had no husband and he had no father. Instead of embracing this, he denies them for political correctness.

Massachusetts is a sad state, where politicians have to deny being a very decent man to his family, because it might offend those who want to redefine marriage into a mere legal status of rights and not a institution of society for a man and woman in which the needs protection and acknowledgement within our civil laws. "

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