Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Jesuits Banned from the Massachusetts Bay Colony ~ May 26, 1647"

Marie over at RichardHowe.com highlights a Massachusetts Moment when the Jesuits were banned from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

"To Puritans, Catholicism was nothing less than idolatrous blasphemy, and Catholics were destined for eternal damnation. Second, because the Jesuits were French, and France and England were engaged in a bitter struggle for control of North America. Finally, Jesuit missionaries had converted large numbers of Indians in Canada to Catholicism. Indian converts were potential allies of France and enemies of the English. Although no Jesuit was executed for defying the ban, the legacy of anti-Catholicism in Massachusetts survived for generations."

Two weeks ago in a 7QT, I mentioned my ancestor, Guilliame Couture. He was a Jesuit Missionary.

While doing missionary work, he was captured by the Iroquois and tortured, his fellow missionaries were killed and later became Saints within the Church. Guilliame lost his middle finger, when they tore it off. After his work as a 'donne', he was allowed to marry and had several children. This, a decade before Saint Kateri was born.

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