Friday, May 31, 2013


More 7QTs at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. My review of Jonathan Last's What to Expect When No One is Expecting.

Today being an only child is common, it is like we have a one child policy without needing a policy at all. Children are more work/investment then ever, time and monetarily. Jonathan Last compares 'time spent' with children is actually considerably more, then decades ago, never mind their costs (Crap they want for their birthdays parties/Christmas, activities, and college). Growing up children will rarely see children who have a few siblings.

2. "Who your parents are" over at Felice me fa

I don’t really blame my parents for anything, I just sometimes marvel at the road not taken. When I look at the road that was taken, it’s a road through libraries and museums and sports and travel. It’s a road of companionship, on which I never doubted for a second that my parents delighted in me and wanted to spend time with me.
This is so important to many parents who feel at times they can't give their child everything, if a child knows they are loved they will flourish.

3. Unfortunately I have to miss out on a workshop sponsored by the Department of Children and Families on Fatherhood Engagement. I was really looking forward to these workshops, as a matter of public policy really reach out to dads who have been for one reason or another no long in a relationship with the child's mother and with the child. Other states have programs to ensure that children are connected with their parents.

Get On The Bus was founded by Sister Suzanne Jabro 13 years ago. The program is funded by donations from churches, schools, family foundations, grants and other organizations. Staying connected to their children is just as important for incarcerated mothers and fathers as it is for the kids. Research indicates it's the greatest indicator for a successful re-entry upon release.

4. This is what is wrong with marriage. No this isn't the Greatest Wedding Photo of All time.

I'm all for having fun at a wedding, but this isn't fun. It's narcissistic. The average wedding costs over 28 thousand a year. There is no need for a wedding to cost that much, the expectation of the wedding has been very prohibitive to many couples from marrying.

Everyone, this photo doesn't represent marriage. You know what makes a good wedding photo? A photo in which the couple is still married in a healthy relationship.. That is the only criteria for the greatest wedding photo.

5. From Failblog

6. So we have to talk all around the issues of local economic development without ever saying marriage rates in relationship to children. "According to Vermont "Number of children in a community depends on characteristics of its residents" Yes, the characteristics of the residents. We just can't say the actual characteristic, because stating one of those characteristics is a heterosexual relationship open to have children would be against the law.

"A declining population of young families and young adults presents serious consequences for our economy and the health of our communities. While housing development can not guarantee more young people will choose to stay in Vermont, community leaders who want to retain younger Vermonters need to plan housing development that is most desirable for families starting out on their own."

The good news, for those still serious about marriage as a matter of public policy, there are many areas in which our voices are still needed. Again, as long as we don't say the word marriage, we're fine. Demography is a balance, there is room for everyone. But we need to address these needs according to the different characteristics, at times this is important and not unjust.

7. Recently I've been more engaged in civic life here in Lowell, I was recently appointed to the Animal Advisory Board for the city and I will be attending an alumni event at UMass Lowell for graduates who are now attorneys. I'm inactive, so I can not and do not represent myself to the public as a lawyer, but yes I did graduate from law school and passed the Bar.


  1. I'm honored to have made your list. Have a great weekend!

  2. I really liked it. I ended up to law school without the parental involvement in middle/high school/college.