Friday, May 24, 2013


7QTs over at Conversion Diary

1.The New Birds and the Bees by Mark Regnerus

Meanwhile, the most organic citizens in our midst are portrayed as the most restrictive, misogynist, and backwards. Among all the ironies that greet us in the domain of human sexuality, this is one of the most profound. Our language about sexuality is dominated by public health, with its talk of risk, “protection,” health, choice, and rights. It’s not natural and productive. It’s mechanical and consumptive.

This explains so much why I rejected contraception, it makes sex mechanical and consumptive. Sex is unitive and procreative.

2. From the Marriage Foundation (United Kingdom)

Almost all intact couples with young teens are married, new research finds. 45 per cent of young teenagers (aged 13-15 years old) are not living with both parents. Half of all family breakdown takes place during the first two years. Amongst parents who remain intact, 93 per cent are married.
3. From Science Daily Marriage Patterns Drive Fertility Decline (2010)
In today´s society however, women do not start childbearing until an older age as marriage is often delayed, and casual or short-term relationships and divorce are more common. As a result, the natural selection maintaining young-age fertility might weaken and the relative strength of natural selection on old-age fertility could increase, something that could potentially lead to improvements in old-age fertility over many generations.
But older women are just using surrogates and younger women's eggs.

4. From Science Daily Good Marriage Can Buffer Effects of Dad's Depression On Young Children (May 2013)

5. From Science Daily Children of Married Parents Less Likely to Be Obese (May 2013)

6. Long Lost Sisters Reunite at Track Meet (ABC News May 14)

"After finding out she had a sister, Jordan said she has "a different outlook on life." "It's just one more person that I'm so close to, that I can tell everything to," she said. "She'll always be my friend, she'll always be there." While the two girls have only known each other for five months, Patrice Dickerson said the sisters have been in "the honeymoon stage." She said she anticipates the two transitioning to a "normal sister relationship." "They'll get into real sister issues, like borrowing clothes, and 'She can do it, why can't I?'" Dickerson's mother said. "I'm looking forward to that.""


I will remember this one the next time my sons get to use the BB guns at Scout Camp.


  1. "Amongst parents who remain intact, 93 per cent are married." So much for the idea that all relationships are equal.

  2. Pretty amazing fact.

    It doesn't mean just magically marrying unwed parents as an answer, but if a couple marries it means their relationship was stable enough to stick it out together.