Friday, May 17, 2013

7QT Punched in the Gut

More 7QTs over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Warning to Catholics this photo/Internet Meme is painful. The trap to respond emotionally is a common occurrence on our Facebook Feeds.

2. Yeah, a good punch in the gut. Wasn't it? (I didn't respond back) But when you make such remarks in regards to the horrible child abuse that occurred within the Catholic Church, you are not giving an arguments in favor of gay adoption. You are utilizing the child abuse scandal for your own personal means of attack, you're not making an argument. Just make the argument.

3.Tragedy can happen anywhere, in a Catholic Church or with a gay couple. I can find numerous variations of different people (even local), who abuse children and organizations/relatives that cover it up. Photos above do not help in discussing our differences and weighing the facts on the issue.

4. The Internet Meme I saw was on Facebook, it was 'liked' by someone. So it was fed into my news feed. I don't expect everyone to agree with my public policy views or my faith, but if you disagree with me then do it positively, without having to put anyone else down.

I didn't feel it was proper to personally respond to this, it was just something 'liked' in passing. I doubt the person meant any harm, probably just saw the immediate irony of the message. In fact the person and I agree how the breakdown of a relationship, breaks down the ability for a child to see his/her father.

5. And that's my struggle with discussing marriage, no matter how positive I make it. It gets back that somehow I'm creating a negative. I'm not. It is not a negative to say a child has a mother and father. Also I've made it very clear how 'non-adoption' I am, searching out for related kin as a proper home is a priority before seeking non-biological relatives. Biology matters in living creatures.

6. Mum and Dad Dinosaurs Shared the Work

A study into the brooding behaviour of birds has revealed their dinosaur ancestors shared the load when it came to incubation of eggs. Research into the incubation behaviour of birds suggests the type of parental care carried out by their long extinct ancestors.
We can research dinosaurs needing their mom and their dad, but I can't say human beings need their mom and dad. I can't say we should create public policy that specifically promotes a responsibility between a man and a woman for the needs of human beings to have both biological parents there to raise them.

7. OK, something that's funny. A Father's Journal / The real reasons why most men don't cheat on their wives Here are two... read the whole thing.

5. When he sees a bountiful woman, he imagines only seeing his kids every other weekend. 7. He has seen his friends go down the path. Not one of them met with success.


  1. "you are not giving an arguments in favor of gay adoption."

    There is an argument in the meme - it's about the reliability of church moral pronouncements. It's a plea not to take moral cues from church pronouncement and applies that plea to gay adoption. Its an 'anti listen to the church on the issue' argument. Granted, it is not a 'pro gay adoption' argument, but its still very much not a 'non-argument' and not merely an attack.

  2. Chris, I stay away from the 'you're being a hypocrite' arguments. I do it because I find that those who rely on them the most often, are people who never voice any stance one way or the other. I'm a hypocrite, like anyone else. But I rather be a hypocrite, then a person who doesn't try to figure out the right from the wrong.

    Like when my children swear, they learned it from me. How can I discipline/correct them for swearing? Instead of not saying nothing and letting it go in fear of being a hypocrite, I tell them I'm sorry for being a poor example and that I that I should find better ways of letting out my frustration.

  3. "But I rather be a hypocrite, then a person who doesn't try to figure out the right from the wrong. "

    I don't understand the dichotomy here. Surely the church is both hypocritical and simultaneously trying to figure out right from wrong (I would hope). It isn't either/or.

  4. Yes, We are both hypocrites and trying to get it right from wrong. But the use of hypocrite in an argument is meant to 'shut down' the other speaker in online discussions. It's a slam/put down. A poor form of rhetoric, just in the same way sarcasm is a poor form of humor.

    When no one speaks up, even when they are contradicting themselves, that isn't good to at least figure out where two people disagree and find some agreement. We also begin to become less tolerant and stereotype (good and bad).

    Consider the Penitential Rite in the Catholic Church which is said at the beginning of Mass

    "All: I confess to almighty God,
    and to you, my brothers and sisters,
    that I have greatly sinned
    in my thoughts and in my words,
    in what I have done,
    and in what I have failed to do;
    through my fault
    through my fault
    through my most grievous fault
    Therefore, I ask blessed Mary, ever virgin,
    all the angels and saints,
    and you, my brothers and sisters,
    to pray for me to the Lord our God.
    Priest:May almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life. Amen. ."


    "Mea Culpa" or "My bad"


    This is how moral relativism is worst then just strongly disagreeing with someone. You just can't have a discussion to them, because nothing really matters.

    No one wants to admit fault or being wrong, and most people (even Catholics) don't believe in sin.

    Confession sounds like a horrible thing to the non-Catholic and many Cultural Catholics fail to see the Grace that it is.

    For example Elizabeth Smart spoke openly about the faults of abstinence teaching, as critical as I am of my comprehensive sex-ed her sex ed was just as bad.

    You see, I'm was the chewed up piece of gum. But gum is gum, and I'm a human being. I can over come being the chewed up piece of gum. Now I can find fault in others for leading me down that path of being chewed gum, but also I can come to peace with it too.

    Yeah many women deal with an STD or the pain of an abortion or just one too many emotional break downs from a relationship falling apart, but we're not damned as an untouchable either.

    The goal of Catholicism isn't damnation, but conversion.


  5. Abstinence Without Morality from Darwin Catholic

    "The basic message of these is: Keep clean, save sex for marriage. At some very basic level, that makes sense, but the examples represent such a simplified view they get a lot of things wrong. For instance, there's no room for conversion or repentance in these examples. If a stick of gum gets chewed, it becomes worthless to anyone else. However, no person is worthless. No matter what we've done in the past, it's always better to do the right thing in the future, and we're always capable of making ourselves more like the divine by rejecting evil and pursuing virtue"


    One of the amazing results of the TeenSTAR program which can combine the basic biology of reproductive knowledge with some morality without shaming. There is primary abstinence and secondary abstinence, as well.

    It's the same argument when dealing with fragile families, I could bitch and whine they they had children out of wed-lock or I can figure out how to help if there is a healthy relationship between the mother and father that can be stabilize. Which should I be doing?

    From Teen STAR
    "It has been my experience in working with adolescent girls most of my professional life that even those who intellectually accept sexual abstinence as a value, without further instruction, they are less likely to maintain this stance under pressure. A knowledge and experience of charting their own fertility patterns, the cyclic rise and fall of hormones with their effect on one's moods, plus concrete ways of responding to these emotional changes and pressures is empowering to the adolescent girl and reinforcing of abstinence outside of a totally committed relationship. I have also learned that instruction in fertility awareness enables the adolescent to come to a new and deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman. Developing a healthy feminine identity and full acceptance of ones' sexuality is part of adolescent development. "

  6. I am not sure I get the Catholic Priests abusing children meme.  Is there some belief that this pedophilia is worse amongst Priests as a population?  I very much doubt that is true.  What I believe is that there is a lot of pedophilia out there and it is covered up.  In the case of the Catholic Church the dam broke.  And good it did.

    There is the argument that we should expect higher standards from Priests, or from people who go to Church.  I guess I agree with that, but at the same time I figure a certain percentage of people on the altar or in the pews are aware of their sin and looking for a way to right themselves with God and their fellow man.

    In fact, I worry that society is missing something when it diminishes the role of faith in peoples lives.  How big a role did faith, belief, play in Manager Branch Rickey being involved with Baseball Player Jackie Robinson.  How much credit do we give to Mr Rickey's comment about how it would all work out, since "We're both Methodists"?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  7. By the way, I liked the picture at the bottom of the post.

    Regards  —  Cliff