Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Mayor

A post on Lowell...

Where was the mayor on Tuesday night?

He wasn't the one who gave birth.

He could of made his apology last night and addressed Mercier's concerns, and it would of been over. Over. I'm falling in line with Gerry Nutter, in which all of the Council can bear some responsibility in this. But the other councilor's are not the mayor, the mayor is the mayor. It's his ship, and he isn't at the wheel.

Yes, I know his wife had a child two days prior to the Council meeting, but the Mayor missed the previous two meetings as well. There are concerns over his poor judgment and a few communication misses. He should of been there, just for three hours to answer them.

Remember the Mayor was not present at two council meetings prior to his son's birth.

I respect the mother and child's privacy. They have a right to their privacy. I wish not to question that. The Mayor is not a private person. The public respects the privacy of the marriage and birth, we get that. But his wife knew the Mayor had civic obligations to the city, and it wasn't like his wife didn't foreseen this obligation. They were married, while Patrick Murphy was mayor.

While my parents were never engaged in civics beyond being regular voters, my in-laws, especially my father-in-law was. My father-in-law belong to many organizations, and sacrificed many evenings at the expense of his family to help out the community. There was always a meeting somewhere at 6:30 in the evening. Fortunately both my in-laws worked in Lowell, and didn't have long office hours on projects that would keep them in a cubicle until 7:30 at night.

Public office is a service and a sacrifice. Sacrifice. That's part of the job. If your confidence as mayor is being questioned, and you are unavailable to your fellow councilors for weeks on end (and you're not the one having the baby), well that's also poor judgement.

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