Monday, April 29, 2013

NBA stars tackle 'fatherless crisis"

Edited to add: Meanwhile the Internet is a buzz, for something else in the NBA. It's terrible to think 9 months ago when this segment came out on CNN, this story didn't get the same buzz. People don't care. I received a call from a political campaign today, and I said I couldn't vote for thw candidate because no one has addressed the issue of fatherless in our communities, and nicely he responded that there wasn't any public policy that could be done about it.

Today at the Department of Children & Families I witness first hand children being stabilized and reunited with their biological family, maybe it was just one parent or an extended family member. We spoke openly on the loss of one parent or both, and the need of therapy and services (on taxpayer dime) for that loss and the anger. It was something that healthy marriages were suppose to prevent, but if dare suggest this I'm labeled some of the worst possible things in the world that you're bigot and against equality.

To be honest, in really has taken a toll of such a burden I will have to personally accept the ramifications to the end. Whatever that end it happens to be. Out of the Apostles, only one died a natural death. In one way other another, they were crucified or martyred. So in terms of history, things don't ever go well for us. It is correct that public opinion isn't on 'my side'. But I don't see it as 'my side', I don't own the truth as mine. For some odd reason everyone wants to ignore that truth. It's there, it's everywhere. The truth is spiraling and falling apart, my feeds are being clogged with the other buzz. It's noise. It's a distraction, and if I redirect people to the real issue it isn't out of ignorance or hatred. Rather the opposite. Am I courageous?


  1. I would say yes -- you are courageous. You're calling out a major societal problem that people are uncomfortable discussing, and that doesn't lend itself to trendy bumper stickers, school clubs, or Hollywood-type backing.

    Talking about fatherless isn't cool, or sexy, or exciting. As you said here in the post, it can lead you to be branded in some not-so-nice ways, because it veers into weighing in on the "social issues."

    Still, it's a major problem, and it's tied to so many other social ills.

    I look at public speech as courageous when it goes against the grain, or makes people uncomfortable.

    Sometimes people work themselves up into righteous indignation regarding policies and issues, but if no one is really taking the other side, it's hard to see the justification for that...even as someone who supports full equality for gays, I admit that's not very courageous, because it's very *easy* for me to say that where I live and work.