Thursday, April 25, 2013

Instead of complaining about Bishop Gene Robinson, I will praise Bishop Hirshfeld

Bishop Robinson was to be a shepherd to the Diocese of New Hampshire, instead of humbling yourself in his work, he became a 'gay celebrity' while the Diocese declined in numbers. Most recently on his talk circuit, as the media's darling, he unnecessarily attack Detroit's Catholic Archbishop Allen Vigneron for teaching the Church's faith in the Washington Post. As a Catholic, we are held to protect both life and family, while protecting all those from injustice. One social justice can not conflict with another. The world doesn't revolve him, as much as he would like to think it does.

Meanwhile, his successor seems to being that shepherd. As I browse the page of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, it looks like what a Church is suppose to be doing. I'm getting the impression that Bishop Rob Hirschfeld will not be remembered as the second gay Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire, but simply as a good bishop of his church.

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