Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where's the childless couple? Or the family with more then one child?

First off businesses have every right to speak even on political concerns, but I was slightly weirded out when a local business was posting facebook memes in regards to marriage online under their business account. But then again businesses always have signs for politicians as well. So I will will not pass judgement on that place of business.

This photo had the caption, "Every family is equal."

But it isn't, just by the images and what it is expressing it is trying to convey that a child without his/her mother or father is just fine and dandy. It is stating that the child has not suffered any lost or grief over a lost parent. At least in Batman, you know his parents were murdered. We shouldn't joke that Batman is somehow not affected that his parents are dead. Being orphaned is the same as having two living parents? Otherwise, as a woman I wear pants most of of the time. Even to the Ballet! The image of a man wearing no skirt and a woman wearing one, even on bathroom doors is a little outdated.

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