Thursday, March 7, 2013

When I say 'Even gay people have a mom and dad', I meant it.

Hearts of Flesh by Steve Gershom (from Gay, Catholic, and Feeling Fine) via My Year of Faith
Gay or straight, first world or third, healthy or sick or totally deformed, you’re going to suffer.

A lot of gay people grow up with a deep sensation of being totally alone, totally different; and of course the more different you feel, the less likely you are to open up to people, the more convinced you become that nobody else is like you. It’s a very dark hole to be down in, and the only reason I don’t live in that hole is because of the love of some very good people.

In short, being gay is one more way of being human; or rather, it is one more way of being out of joint, in a world where nobody’s pieces fit together the way they should. Nobody makes it out of here alone. If we would be healed, we must be vulnerable with others; and by doing so we will teach them that it is safe for them to be vulnerable with us. In this way every man breaks down his own and his neighbor’s heart of stone, and begins to build a heart of flesh in its place.

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