Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Fall Out of Moral Relativism


Upset how many people tried to leave before and during the final bow at a professional ballet performance.

Response 1:

awww...no manners .


Well it isn't just church they do this.

Response 2:

people are so self-absorbed...

Response 3:

So you have a narrow, bigoted view of "end", do you?

It's everywhere.

Good Conversation over at the Right Side of Lowell


  1. Look, I'm a busy person! I've no time for all this bowing and clapping. You're done entertaining me with your twirling and leaping and now I must be off to another diversion!

  2. When we were in the parking garage, the mini van in front of us had one of those overhead DVDs players in the back. It wasn't even 20 after a long performance and they have to 'entertain' the children in the back.

    While I do have a portable DVD player for my children, they only for trips three hours or longer..