Monday, March 4, 2013

Public Conversations

While waiting in an office in Lowell, a mother who was trying to fill out some papers told (not yell) her baby to 'shut up' as the child cried in her stroller. I went over to calm the child and told the mom don't worry I have four children. The mother quickly responded back, "Well I had three abortions and one child."

The baby just cried and cried with a pacifier beside her mouth. The mother reached for a bottle, but it didn't seem the baby was hungry. The mother in a rush tried to redo the blankets that cover the stroller, because where ever they were going it was by foot.

Have I ever said 'shut up' to my children before in a moment of stress? Yes.

I wish the mother in a moment not realizing someone was trying to help her, was trying to be fresh with her three abortions remark in a way to back off. Deep down that I think she was sadly telling the truth.

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