Saturday, March 30, 2013

Corporations Don't Love You or Care, and Progressive Liberalism is as Dead as Social Conservatism

The purpose of the corporation, as an entity, is to make profit. It doesn't care about you, that is not the entity's duty to do so. But we live in a world, in which we idolize name brands. As expressed well over a decade ago, was a PBS Frontline episode of "Merchants of Cool".

"In today's media-saturated environment, such questions, it seems, are becoming increasingly difficult to answer.... Therein lies the danger of today's teen-driven economy, observers say: As everyone from record promoters to TV executives to movie producers besieges today's teens with pseudo-authentic marketing pitches, teenagers increasingly look to the media to provide them with a ready-made identity predicated on today's version of what's cool. Rather than empowering youngsters, the incessant focus on their wants and desires leaves them adrift in a sea of conflicting marketing messages."
While the media giants named are very much outdated, this is how the media works. Think Clear Channel's monopoly on the radio or Disney/Nickelodeon. We like to think that name brands, and the corporations behind them actually care about us. It's family that loves us, not the government and not the corporations. We let corporations tell us, who we are.

Back in the 90s, I feel old stating this in the same manner my parents speak of the 60s. But back in the 90s, I wasn't necessarily anti-capitalist, but like many of my well-minded progressives we realize that corporations need someone to answer to, so they do not become dominate and control. The balance we're the government and the people (unions). Unions are becoming non-existent in the private sector. Progressiveness didn't feel like answering to a need, but either jealous socialist professors who wanted the power themselves or anarchists who didn't really give a sh!t and just wanted to destroy infrastructure.

So in the time of corporate social media, someone posted a list of corporations that endorsed same-sex marriage. Why are businesses in this manner? I don't know. But it is a key to branding I assume, and many of the names listed were now corporations, but name bands. For instance, Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy are all one company. And Amazon who never got involved in politics or even charity, were shaken down to financially support same-sex marriage in Washington State. Oreo isn't a company, it is a brand of cookie. Again it is own by Nabisco, that's the corporation. Corporations do not care about fatherless children or broken homes, they justdon't care. That is not their job. Their objective is to sell you a product.

Meanwhile, while the Supreme Court was hearing arguments on marriage related issues, President Obama signed into law the Monsanto Protection Act.

FB POST by Person: While everyone was distracted by the gay marriage debate, Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act. Bon appetite! ME:Remember being Good Friday, strawberries are OK because they have salmon DNA.Person 2:Where is the liberal outrage over this bill? Hmmm. Me: Somewhere in the late 90s, that's where. Original FB Post Person: I'd say Monsanto is the greatest evil of our time right now. It's subjective though & I understand that. This only hurts the people who are struggling financially right now....those working class & poor the administration claims they care about. Eating clean without GMOs is more expensive and takes more time, independent thinking & research. What we consume is a much larger issue than the other petty stuff the government has people fighting each other about. So much for the First Lady being genuinely health conscious. Posers. Me:GMOs can not be undone, they are apart of the ecosystem. The concerns I have will eventually be address, one way or another under a different name other then marriage I guess.
People claim that the government and schools want to indoctrinate children, I question that. It is corporations, that are indoctrinating.


  1. "Progressiveness didn't feel like answering to a need, but either jealous socialist professors who wanted the power themselves or anarchists who didn't really give a sh!t and just wanted to destroy infrastructure."

    What what what???

    Were are you getting this? There were plenty of progressives getting mad at the DLC types in the 90's. These socialist professors of and anarchists sound like very powerful and dangerous people. Know any of their names? (I suspect they don't exist, at least not demonstrably outside of a 'boogy-man' context.)

    Regarding the so-called Monsanto Protection Act- the point of HR 933 was to avoid a government shutdown. It was a 'must pass' bill. Any 'ancillary' provisions in the bill can be blamed on the H in HR (you know, the GOP controlled H).

  2. I must of hung out with a different crowd. Sooner or later I should write about the crazy sh!t of my past. When I'm ready, OK.

  3. Why is casino gambling now allowed in MA? Another progressive loss.

  4. "Why is casino gambling now allowed in MA? Another progressive loss."


  5. And now we know how the Monsanto provision got in there.

  6. Blunt's connections to lobbyists extend to his family. His wife, Abigail Blunt, serves as head of US government affairs for the processed food giant Kraft. In 2012, the Hill placed Abigail Blunt on annual its list of "top lobbyists." That same year, Kraft joined Monsanto in shoveling cash into the effort to defeat California's Proposition 37, which would have required the labeling of GMO ingredients in food. Monsanto led donors in the effort with more than $8 million; Kraft chippedn nearly $2 million.


    But Kraft foods supports marriage equality.

    I going to follow Lynne's example and consider a garden.