Friday, March 22, 2013

7QT The glue that sticks it together.

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1. There seems to be a lot of commentary on the other marriage issue which was children having a mom and dad. Now? Better late then never. Right? I mean if we have to rebuild and frame the issue, might as well wait until that marriage as a whole is mere rubble and nothing can be salvaged from the mess, except for our lessons learned.

2. The rational scientific reasoning is there, even if you're not religious. "Why Dads Matter From Science Live"

Hormonal studies have revealed that dads show increased levels of oxytocin during the first weeks of their babies' lives. This hormone, sometimes called the "love hormone," increases feelings of bonding among groups. Dads get oxytocin boosts by playing with their babies, according to a 2010 study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

Fatherhood also leads to declines in testosterone, the "macho" hormone associated with aggressive behavior, according to research published last year in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This change is stronger the more involved a dad is with his baby's care, suggesting that it may reduce a man's risk-taking drive and encourage nurturing and domesticity.

3.The Importance of Fathers from the University of Colorado

When fathers are present, they provide economic support for their children and assume emotional and caregiving responsibilities. Well-fathered children are shown to be more emotionally intelligent and socially successful as adults. When fathers are absent, their absence may negatively impact children's academic achievement, gender-specific development, general behavioral adjustment and anger management, especially in males.

4. But men do not get pregnant, they do not give birth, and they can not breast feed. They are not physically attached to their children in the same way mothers are. It takes a bit more effort and support to encourage a man to stick around. The glue is love for the woman, who is the mother of his children. If he didn't love her, then why did he have sex with her? Oh wait, the conjugal act isn't even about the fullest expression of love. Sexuality is something for fun, when your'e horny and bored. Pardon me, being so medieval and backwards for having such dumb*ss view that we should equate sex with babies and love. Again excuse me.

5. Sorry for being flippantly obnoxious in 4. But this is why we had marriage. We need the glue to make it stick together. Our government isn't holding up its end of the bargain, and instead of being the cohesive it's doing the opposite.

6. A child has a mother and father and it isn't helping anyone to pretend to ignore it. It feels incredible unpopular to hold this view. Sometimes I worry about the social taboo, someone has to say it even if my head one day may end up on a platter. (local reference all in the good spirit of blogging) This isn't about law vs. religion, this is humans trying to fool nature. Nature will win. Defeat is ugly for humanity, as we see the mess of adult children from divorce and without fathers confused and very much hopeless. Reasonably they avoid not only religious but legal marriage.

7. Avoiding marriage, while understandable doesn't help. No Divorce Is the New Divorce: Moms and Dads Navigate Messy Breakups in Marriage-less World

Marriage rates in the United States are at record lows. And when more than half of children born to women under the age of 30 have unwed parents, according to Child Trends, a nonpartisan research center on children and youth issues, more and more couples are finding themselves in such relationship limbo. As Richard Fry wrote in an article on the Pew Research Center website, “Marriage increasingly is being replaced by cohabitation, single-person households and other adult living arrangements.” And with kids in the picture, breaking up has become that much messier.


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    I worry a lot how others will interpret Catholic Marriage and its origins rooted in natural law and free will. The misrepresentation by others as hate is bothersome.

    The Wikipedia article is actually really good.

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