Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I've been saving all of my meatless recipes for Lent, so we now look forward to Friday. Potato Salad, eggplant, cheese tortellini, Lentil and Minestrone soups, linguine and clam sauce, and grilled cheese with tomato soup. Of course the bread! Never realize how much we all love bread! So hard to limit one's portions.

2. The Pope Emeritus knows nine languages and eight other interesting facts from the Huffington Post.

3. Abstinence works and so does monogamy, but no one wants to admit it. The science doesn't lie and the CDC supports that as a matter of public health. The fact abstinence and monogamy are in fact how we show love, doesn't' help people who are narcissistic. Otherwise a good local Lowell discussion, on why and why not teen pregnancy rates are low in North Dakota.

4. Father Scapegoat and the pedophile next door to the Church A young man is charged with having child porn living just feet from parish property here in my neighborhood. Sexual abuse is everywhere, and now it is asked are you interested in breaking this cycle of sexual abuse or are you more interested in exploiting the sexual abuse of children for your own personal dislike of the Catholic Church?

5. Narcissism isn't allowed in marriage. Consensual sex with other people isn't an open marriage, rather it's really a fraud. Instead of just one person lying, it's a conspiracy and his wife is just a liar along with him.

6. Lingering Snow issues in Lowell, the plow drivers blame the residents, but on my street they really do a poor job (photos in the link where no cars were parked on the curb and five foot in width snow banks). Update:I had no idea that this plow driver made national news! He plowed our neighborhood.

7.Having your birthday during Lent is difficult, my daughter is no longer a child in the sense birthdays have to be some sort of outing that is a non-child place. I was hoping to get her tickets to the Boston Ballet!

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