Saturday, February 9, 2013

Worst Catholic Blog Ever

As I read through the links over at Conversion Diary's 7 Quick Takes, I see so much happiness and joy. On the other hand you see my depressing observations, here. There not complaints, they're observations. For instance, a line from Jen's posting...

“I’m not telling you that Jesus has all the answers. I’m telling you that he’s your only answer.”
compared to me begging if I could live in a cave.

Do you want to cry? Even the hippies in Sand Francisco are complaining!

Last summer, I went to look at a house for sale whose listing hadn’t mentioned that the house was inhabited. I looked in dismay at the pretty old house where a family’s possessions had settled like silt over the decades: drum set, Bibles, faded framed portraits, furniture grimed with the years, cookware, toys. It was a display of what was about to be lost. The estate agent was on the front steps telling potential clients that they wouldn't even have to evict: just raise the rent far beyond what the residents can afford. Ye who seek homes, come destroy the homes of others more frail.

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