Monday, February 25, 2013

Narcissism isn't allowed in marriage.

I came across this article, and I read it. Coming out to my wife When I told her I was bisexual, and fooling around with men, I knew our marriage was doomed. Instead, it opened up BY MARK BENTLEY COHEN

So your wife puts up with your behavior. When she found out, the compromise was she is allowed to have sex with other people too. You're a jerk, Your not just a jerk of a husband, but a jerk of a father. Why? The representation of your children.

We were a good team, but years of diapers, weekends spent at kids’ sporting events, and slave to the daily grind — shopping, cooking, cleaning – can’t help but build debris between two people. Our time together was usually fraught with disagreement and bickering.I remember the first Friday night my wife and I had alone. Both kids had stormed out before dinner: They’d be sleeping at a friend’s and would call us in the morning. The two of us stood in the clean, empty kitchen looking at each other as if for the first time in years. This was the future, and it looked bleak.

Here I am with my own marriage. This past week, we had relatives take all four children for an overnight for the first time. This was the first time in over four years, we were alone for a night. Due to the rules of Natural Family Planning, my cycle was in its fertile phase and we're avoiding, nothing romantic happened. Still, when I'm alone with my husband even if it is re-organize three years of documents and do the taxes I love my husband.

I'm not miserable. Yes, sometimes we fight and bicker, and do mundane things adults have to do. We have to criss-cross all over town, for different activities. But we also enjoy our children. That's being a parent. Sure we have to clean up snot, but we also have more love in the home.

We are held to our obligations, and when you're married with children you should be held to those obligations no matter how the writer allowed his mind to wander away from the love of his wife and children to meet the needs of his personal horniness for men. This man claims he was miserable, but he made himself miserable due his lack of love to his own family. He wasn't trapped, rather he can't appreciate what he has.

This marriage is only 19 years along, so I assume the children still live in the house. To make life tolerable living with two teenagers, the children have to deal with their parents hooking up with other people. This isn't an open marriage, it's really a fraud. Instead of just one person lying, it's a conspiracy and his wife is just a liar along with him.

Love your wife and children with all your heart and mind, that's all I'm saying. That means, when your mind is tempted refocus on them and why you love them..

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