Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kad Barma, Who are the real assholes?

For locals, a plow driver for private contractor was fired for making a You Tube video in which he is critical of residents who did not move their car during a parking ban two weeks ago. In this video, the plow driver used profanity and took joy plowing in residents. He blamed residents for not using the parking garages, which are at times a mile away from their homes and a 20 minute walk in 'good weather'.

From Kad...

"that's impoverishing us all and leaving the real assholes (the street parkers and the into-the-street snowblowers and the premature driveway shovelers and the city administrators who value them more highly than the people who are getting up at 5am or working all night or what have you to see that we can all get our cars out and our emergency service providers in."

My side street once only plowed ONCE two weeks ago in which Lowell received over two feet of snow, no one ever came back to push back any of the snow. This isn't the street in the video, but a few blocks over. I live right next to a school, in which myself and my son had to walk in the middle of the street, not from those who shoveled out their cars, but to the plow drivers who never came back to push back the snow.

Two weeks later we have snow banks five feet in width, in places where no cars were ever parked during the storm. This photo was taken this morning.

Here is where people who parked their cars and were plowed in, then shoveled out.

Poor Dogg gets fired.... no sympathies. Apparently to him, and those willing to hire him like Kad Barma we're the real assholes.

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  1. Ahhhh, Dogg was disrespectful to those who pay him for doing the job he does (did).  I dislike being plowed in as much as the next person, but snow is a problem.  And EPA Rules make it more so.  One year, in another place, the roads were not plowed (and we didn't have sidewalks).  It was great until the melt started and then little kids were disappearing off the back stoop into the icey water.  But that was the Tanana Valley.

    Regards  —  Cliff