Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

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1. Blog conversations Gay atheist babies even if conceived through anonymous donor surrogacy, have natural rights to their biological mother and father.

2. Blog Conversations ‘Would it be the worst thing in the world, if two people who actually loved one another had a baby”

I understand there may be personal preferences not to have any children, but it is a fair question to ask. Would a child really be the end of the world for a wife and husband? Would it change one’s lifestyle materially and how they spend their free time? Yes. But would it be the end of the world? I really don’t think anyone could be that narcissistic to think a child between two people that loved one another would be that tragic.

If one was expressing as personal preference not to have children. If they were to changed there mind, a child could not destroy the love a wife has for her husband. Children can do a lot of things, but never did my children make me love my husband any less. Children don’t want to destroy the love a mother and father have for one another, they are the major beneficiaries from it.

3.God, Creation and free will

The Bible is not intended as a manual of the natural sciences; it wants to help us understand the authentic and profound truth of things. The fundamental truth that the stories of Genesis reveal is that the world is not a collection of contrasting forces, but has its origin and its stability in the Logos, the eternal reason of God, who continues to sustain the universe. There is a design of the world that is born from this Reason, the Spirit Creator. Believing that this is at the basis of all things, illuminates every aspect of life and gives us the courage to face the adventure of life with confidence and hope

4. We are awaiting Blizzard conditions here, in Lowell Massachusetts.

5. Everything postponed. Everything this weekend has been postponed due to the weather. Which is nice to have a forecast, but we now have three things to attend on Sunday and a birthday party on Tuesday afternoon.

6. Babies are good, not bad.

We're not having them for various factors that affect men and women. High costs of college and housing, and a push from the Baby Boomers not to rush into marriage well into the fact we're middle aged. Yes, 35 is middle aged! If you are old enough to be President, you're not young.

Jonathan Last, author of the new book "What to Expect when No One is Expecting", notes that the ideal is not to bribe/force women to have babies but realize people actually want children.I'm looking forward for a deeper explanation from the book, but this is from his blog.

In a country of 300 million, a 2.5 average means that lots of people will have an ideal number of zero–and there’s nothing wrong with that. We celebrate and validate those choices while recognizing that the data suggests their experiences are not the mean.) What that means is that there’s an enormous gap between people’s ideal fertility and their achieved fertility. Which means that the problem we have in America isn’t that we’re asking people to have kids they don’t want–it’s that people aren’t having, on average, the number of kids they do want.

7. Anthropology - How to make a Kinship Chart The biggest beneficiary of marriage is "EGO", You!

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