Monday, January 21, 2013

Would MLK Jr. be pro-life today?

I would make the argument he would be pro-choice. Abortion has consumed everyone else. And marriage? He would of changed on that as well. Everyone else jumped shark, what makes anyone think differently?

Over in New York, the few remaining Democrats for Life point off how far we have gone off the trail.

Warning graphic text. Don't get angry at me for pointing out the bull sh!t, that's campaigned as choice or an essential for a woman's freedom.

One woman's abortion experience.

Did you read it? Why push those who are still defending life as nuts and anti-woman? Why do allow us to be ridiculed and mocked, while politicians that promote abortion and punish pro-lifers (They do, you and I know that) How in humanity's existence, can we accept this and stay silent?

I get overwhelmed praying for the country or the President. Sometimes, most of the time, I just pray for something smaller. Usually the foster care review case in front of me. It's just overwhelming the mess we got ourselves in


  1. Pray for the small things and let others pray for world peace.  That said, Governor Cuomo of New York seems to be pushing all the boundaries of the far left agenda.  Do you think he is running for President?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Well if he needs the cash four years from now, then probably.