Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The poor are people too

USCCB Blog: Sometimes poverty smiles

Often the faces of poverty do not match preconceptions. For one, they often smile. Sometimes they sing and laugh. This is not the case after disasters have devastated communities or serious droughts have caused widespread hunger or violence has forced people into camps for the displaced. But quite often, when you visit a village where people are barely squeaking by – and more than one billion people live on less than $1 a day – while you see need, you do not necessarily see despair.

In developing countries the poor need a drinking well for clean water for hygiene and some basic schooling. Throwing contraception at the poor does not the answer their problem and getting rid of the poor does not make humanity richer. The issues that affect the poor are reasonably preventable all without the United Nations controlling poor countries to use coercive measures to contracept their bodies.

I will add to this later... how this works at a local level here in Lowell.

Add On

When we address the needs of the local homeless or individuals in the shelter, we don't eradicate homelessness by offering birth control hoping they and their poverty just will eventually go away. We also don't demand that they contracept first, before we feed, clothe, and give then health care. That's not charity. So when I learn of massive undertaking of governments and population control groups over-take developing countries to lower their fertility rates with public policy, we're not helping them out. The only individuals demanding population control are those rich enough to judge the poor. We're internally destroying them, not lifting them up from poverty at a global level.

At a local level, what can 25 dollars buy for a homeless person? Often times the most simple interventions can lead to self sufficiency: Something to think about.

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