Sunday, January 13, 2013


4 women strip, protest Vatican gay marriage stance - Lowell Sun Online

How I interpret this protest

F*ck the needs and obligations to children, they have no f*cking nautral or legal rights to their biological mother and father. F*ck them, they have no right to exist.  If we can pay off the institution, like the government's politicians to do what we demand, but can't change the Church, well let's smear it with lies.

I'm suppose to be nice, and not use profanity, but once in while you have to get angry and flip a table.

In the spirit of Vatican II, everything is written in plain English on what the Church teaches as marriage, and it has nothing to do with bigotry towards anyone. No I won't go topless, but I do wonder if I'm going to get fed to the lions, at this rate.

Add: I already regret the use of profanity. But when you go topless and tell me to 'shut up' at Saint Peter's Square, I thought I would offer a reflection of what these women are telling me.

Second Add: I saw this comment on Facebook.

"If they thought they were going to be 'shocking' they must have had no knowledge of Vatican artwork!"
Hilarious~! Humor is so much better then sarcastic profanity. Thank you for lifting me up.


  1. We need to get the Church out of the personal contracts business and the State out of the marriage business.  Every couple that wants it gets a Civil Union Contract (I would, however, make long term cohabitation "common law" CUC).  Those who wish to be married can go track down a person of the cloth, after they get a CUC.  (If they flip the order they automatically get a Common Law CUC afteer six months cohabitation, claiming to be "married".)  Worked for me.  Works in many places in Europe.  Should work for everyone else.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Marriage as 'public policy' was never about personal contracts. Regilous or secular. It serves as a policy to prevent baby mamas. The Church isn't in the business of personal contracts either. It's in the business of social justice, though.

    Calling everything 'civil unions' may solve the legal piece demands for equality on paper. Ignoring marriage and deeming it as something just religious people do, doesn't answer the social demands that as a society we must obligation to children to have a cohesive and stable upbringing with their mother and father.

    Atheist gay kids have the same rights to their a mom and dad too!

    Oh yeah Europe, great fertility replacement levels there....