Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An ultrasound may speak the truth, but action is needed.

Yesterday my youngest, who attends Lowell public schools, had a classmate who brought in an ultrasound of 'her baby sister'. Today everyone has their own a picture of themselves, within. The truth is obvious, and spoken of.

But truth isn't enough. If it was, there would be no abortion and people would hold off having sex until in a loving and healthy relationship. It takes action. Pregnant women need social support and help. The lucky ones have loving husbands and boyfriends, along with extended family. Many don't.

I alway have a hard time with the idea of any woman truly choosing abortion. It's against our nature. The first feminists were pro-life. If you have a pregnant friend or family member, don't abandon her.

Ultrasounds are awesome, and happy a child can share her joy in a public setting. The truth is there, we just don't want to or know how to accept it.

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