Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Jesuit Priest attempts to share a pro-life message and gets criticized

Jesuits get a bad reputation. Every Catholic may have his or own own niche, for example fighting against the death penalty, just because their ministry may not be fighting against abortion or preserving the meaning behind marriage doesn't mean they're hostile to those teachings. There's a lot to do as Catholics.

Over at Richard Howe, Marie highlights an article on Jack Kerouac. Recently Bad Catholic highlighted Jack Kerouac and his Catholicism.

So over at American Magazine, there is a 'Respect for Life' homily published. It fits well for the audience, who may tends to stay away from the abortion issue, but reminds them that it is part of the Church's to fight against it.

Don't Forget About the Baby: A Homily for Respect Life Mass

"We are here today to add to Blanco’s poem, and, in doing so, as the late Archbishop John May, a former president of our Bishops’ Conference once put it, “all we are saying is don’t forget about the baby.” We are here on behalf of the babies in the womb, inspired not by partisanship or pursuit of privilege or power, but by the same passion of patriotism that united a nation to mourn the loss of those babies in Newtown.

We are here because we see how much both tragedies have in common: both reveal the impact of social and emotional isolation when left untreated; both involve a resort to violence in dealing with it; both result in the debasement of human dignity, not only of those whose lives are taken, but of society; and in both there is the lingering threat to innocent and vulnerable life if no solution is forthcoming."

In response two out of three comments are complaining that the Bishop brought up the subject of abortion. Either they make the claim that abortion is a tolerant way dealing with the unborn child and the view of the Church are merely theoretical or that Catholics really shouldn't care about abortion or the preservation of the family, because the Church should be more concern about the middle class.

Yes someone actually argued the Church should be more concerned with the middle class, and that would fill up the pews. I strongly suggest that this individual should do some time with his local Saint Vincent de Paul ministry that serves the local poor, since he's more concern how many middle class individuals are filling up the pews. If the Church's goal was to merely to fill up the pews, it would become an entertainment venue (which many empty churches ironically become).

Otherwise if you're not Catholic or a Catholic who for whatever reason shy's away from abortion, here is a secular pro-life individual...
"“When the sperm meets the egg, a genetically complete human being is formed, and all that is required for maturation is time and nutrition,” Thielen said. “As complete human beings in the most vulnerable stages, there should be protections afforded. As a society we are judged by how we treat the most vulnerable—the young, the aged, the infirm, those who can’t speak for themselves. The unborn belong here.”"

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