Monday, December 30, 2013

Wish this was short enough to tweet.

An Althouse comment.

“My neighbor gets to vote on MY tax rate, my son being sent off to war, whether I have to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle, and don’t even get me started on what my neighbors can vote on when it comes to my business’s operations.”

Used in a response over at Alexandria

I can’t say what my neighbor does with his penis, as he inpregnants several women over the course of two decades and just move on each time. But I find it odd I can’t create public policy to specifically address this issue to encourage men and women in monogamous behavior and to fully support their family.

The conversation over why the government has an interest in marriage is over there.

Marriage in a ‘social capital’ context is the insurance a man won’t bail, when you get pregnant even with an unplanned pregnancy.

That is when men typically bail in a non-married situation. Sure some married men bail, but you won’t get far and you are easier to track down.

Romantic love gets you bed, but it a different type of love to deal with the stresses of children together.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Political Zombies

That is what it feels like, currently. It feels like I'm dealing with zombies.

I've been online posting my thoughts for a long time in one fashion on another, but I feel differently. I still speak up, but the consequences I fear are too far reaching then just disagreements. There is no 'conversation' anymore, there is no exchange of ideas or finding common ground. It is a seek-and-destroy mission, blindly going after anyone who questions authority.

Conversation on Facebook...

"Wonders if DaVinci's "The Copulation" would be too hetero normative since it depicts penal/vagina intercourse in all of its mystery at the time. Or how research actually do MRIs of male/female in the act to study the evolutionary design of the penis which in our species very unique. I don't believe in criminalizing anal sex, but the act defies basic function of the human organ(both digestive and reproductive) I've been told in health education that anal sex is normal, that was over 20 years ago. I reject that premise. It isn't normal. It goes against the design and function on the body and health-wise creates an easy transmission for viruses."
The Other Person:
"If you want to live in an anal-sex free wonderland where everyone conforms to stereotype and asshats like Alan are given over to demonstrably idiotic ravings, well, welcome to Rob's GOP!" "Oh, very grateful that you aren't interested in criminalizing what two consenting adults do with thier bodies. Very libertarian of you.Seriously, though, it's much better than Rob's unmarried friends who devote their lives to telling us married folks what marriage is all about and need THEIR ideas of what's normal to be state policy.As for what a duck hunter finds "sinful," could anything be less relevant?"
The other person is a Christian, on his Town's Democratic Commitee, and a student in law school. This is how he engaged with me in a conversation. God, help us.
Consider Sen. Barack Obama's proposed bill on Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood back in 07. Or Professor Elizabeth Warren's 'Two Income Trap' in 2004, a whole book in regards to women balancing the economics of career and children. Or PBS Frontline episode in 2002 about the decline of marriage and the devastating effects on children. Or in Howard Law School's Journal back in 2006,
I cited liberal support for opposite sex marriage, I do not know what has happened to the Democrats in the past 5 years. All you have done was rant like an absolute lunatic using profanities. The Democrat Party is nothing but fascism now, they have control over their members with strings like marionettes. I know what the REAL Barack Obama once believed and I know what the REAL Elizabeth Warren once believed as well. These people are just zombies of their former selves.

Friday, December 13, 2013

7QT How to really deal with bullies...

More Seven Quick Takes at Jennifer's Conversion Diary

1. Media sob stories and how to really handle conflict without viral/national publicity

Kids can be mean. As adults, we educate them in a merciful and forgiving manner the better way to handle their actions and to move on. This whole rally for Danny and his Band of Brothers has been going on for over a month in the media. It doesn't require a week long vacation in Hollywood to be on a TV to correct the situation.

Last week some kids were not being nice to one of my older kids. When it happened, I contacted the principal. They were informed about how they made the other person felt. That principal handled it privately with the parties involved without the whole middle school or nation needing to know.

My child didn’t want the kids to be ‘punished’ and my child didn’t want friends to ‘rally’ or be on TV, but my child just wanted to them realize how much it hurt and to stop. And that happened.

2. Colors, context, and causes…
It’s like the guy who wears a yellow Bruins Jersey at a Red Sox game, people would think you’re a vendor selling hot dogs. Out of context!

3. The difference between Capitol Punishment and Capital Punishement.
Why are we harsher against buildings that hold government officials like the State House compared to a public library that holds books.

4. I didn't know unicorns could lay eggs. Interesting Craig's List posting.

5. Richard W. Bray is funny!
One day I was supervising the sandbox during free play when a three-year-old boy smacked another kid over the head with a toy firetruck.
“Cut that out,” I insisted.
The offending child immediately stopped assaulting his playmate. He turned towards me and gave me a stern glare.
“Cut that out is not nice, ” He instructed severely. “We don’t use words like the at the Child Education Center.”
I was taken aback by the rebuke, but I sensibly resisted the nearly overwhelming impulse to say, “Listen pal, we put people in jail for things like that.”

6. The effects of incarcerated dads matters if the father was living with his children to begin with.
The researchers found negative and pronounced effects of incarceration on fathers' engagement with children and co-parenting with children's mothers, but only when fathers were living with their children prior to incarceration. When fathers weren't living with their children prior to their stint behind bars, their incarceration had no effect on how they interacted with their children during or after release.

7. Not sure if I can congratulate Pope Francis being the Person of The Year, when he was being compared to Miley Cyrus? When I did the image search for "Time Person of the Year 2013" , I received more Miley images then Pope images.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Media sob stories and how to really handle conflict without viral/national publicity

Media sob stories and how to really handle conflict without viral/national publicity over at Alexandria

The kids who were mean didn’t learn anything, the kids just learned ADULTS and the MEDIA RETALIATES with grand public shaming if you made a mistake. Their public shaming has become heart warming entertainment for the nation, as we all rally and feel pity for something we really shouldn’t be involved with.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Colors, context, and causes...

Colors, context, and causes... over at Alexandria.

It’s like the guy who wears a yellow Bruins Jersey at a Red Sox game, people would think you’re a vendor selling hot dogs. Out of context!

Friday, December 6, 2013

7QT Origins of Eloping

More Seven Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

Mine below

1. Eloping is not the answer, but so tempting. We need to destroy the wedding industry and everyone is OK with a backyard/home reception. Don't elope, it isn't necessary to run away. The discussion is here over at Alexandria.

2. Why I fear the Massachusetts Democratic Party?
The more we spend on low-income (unmarried/single parents) the more the gap will grow. We are indirectly pushing fathers out. Children of married parents tend to marry, children of unmarried/divorce tend to be unmarried/divorce. Unless we can significantly change family structure in low income families, these families will always tread water and never get ahead.
I could write one on the Republican Party, as well. But this is about this avoidance on the issue of fatherless.

3. Media sob stories and lying copy-cat attention whores
To this day I was really appreciative that one of the guidance councilors just pulling me aside privately for a minute in her office, just asking how I felt. I was OK, but for some reason looking back this really mattered.
Go to the link to talk about my odd emotion of jealously in high school.

4. I wasn't shocked by the vandalism in Brighton, young people in the secular world are taught to despise and mock Catholicism.
"Heavy custom doors were damaged, fire extinguishers were discharged inside, an oil painting of Pope John the 23rd was cut and defaced with curse words and stars during the spree. In the choir loft, a bottle of wine was discovered on the keyboard and potato chips littered the floor. A pipe from the Church Organ was broken and left in the loft."
Their immaturity in their vandalism shows more ignorance then hate. But where are they learning such ignorance, to the point they feel nothing destroying an oil painting and and a church organ? How as a community as a whole, did we fail them?

5. Dads: How Important Are They? New Research Highlights Value of Fathers in Both Neurobiology and Behavior of Offspring
"This is the first time research findings have shown that paternal deprivation during development affects the neurobiology of the offspring," says Dr. Gobbi. These results should incite researchers to look more deeply into the role of fathers during critical stages of growth and suggest that both parents are important in children's mental health development.
And to think the Church's teachings on marriage is somehow irrational and without reason for the past two millennia?

6. Pope Benedict XVI was 'a commie' too.
Pope Benedict observes that too many economic actors were making decisions “based on very short-term thinking.” They lacked a commitment to “long-term consideration of the common good,” and by pursuing short-term gain in financial markets, they undermined the market itself. For this reason, markets, and financial institutions must be appropriately regulated for the common good."

7. Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why I truly fear the Massachusetts Democratic Party?

*I could easily write a post on why I fear Republicans, but please consider I live in Massachusetts I was raised as 'a Democrat' and in the past have voted and supported Democrats. I support many social programs at a state level, and consider myself a fiscal moderate.
Rob Eno of Red Mass Group tweeted a blog post from the Massachusetts Democratic Party in which they called out Karen Polito as an extremist, along with Allen West. Specifically they were extreme in their views on marriage public policy, in noting that marriage as a matter of public policy should be a man and a woman to ensure that children are raised by both biological parents in a financially stable and emotionally healthy home, and benefit from this social capital that can not be replaced by any government program..

While many Democrats who I engage with may think of me as a dinosaur, backwards in thinking, and 'on the wrong side of history' can NOT ignore the inequality that occurs in fatherless homes. It's an inequality that has to be address, if would want a fair chance for every child, we must NOT deny the child's right to be raised by both their mother and father. Over and over again we see this inequality, a year ago Reuters took a good look at Massachusetts and saw in ever widening gap between those with and without a fathers.

From Reuters "Massachusetts, home to America's best schools and best-educated workforce, has seen income inequality soar. Why? The poor are losing an academic arms race with the rich."

They make note of the family structure and poverty.
70 percent of Massachusetts families with children in the bottom fifth are headed by a single parent - compared with 7 percent in the top fifth. "All the evidence shows that children born to two highly educated, high-income people tend to obtain the highest level of academic achievement," said Sum. "At the bottom, where the mom is not that well-educated and tends to have lower income, children tend to do worse."
Of course initially, the research just said 'two parents', but the researcher slipped and said, mom and referenced the child was without a father.

Their solution
The solution to erasing the achievement gap involves, in essence, providing low-income students with the advantages their wealthier peers enjoy: pre-school at the age of three, tutors, summer camps, and after-school activities like sports and music lessons. Schools could contract with outside organizations to provide those activities, or lengthen their school day or school year by one-third.
No mention of increasing the marriage rates within lower income families to pool their social captial, and giving children greater access to their paternal kin. I've always made it clear that this is not about forcing people to marry or demanding a 100% marriage rate, it isn't too hard to ask to cut the fatherless rate in half. If we have a neighborhood in Lowell in which only 30% of children live with their biological fathers, how about increasing up to 60%.

We are giving low-income families the the financial incentive NOT to marry, it doesn't pay to marry because if you are a single parent you QUALIFY for almost everything. If the father doesn't live with the child, the mother is considered a single parent and qualifies for subsidies she otherwise wouldn't if married. Indirectly, I truly believe our social policies are encouraging this widening gap.

The more we spend on low-income (unmarried/single parents) the more the gap will grow. We are indirectly pushing fathers out. Children of married parents tend to marry, children of unmarried/divorce tend to be unmarried/divorce. Unless we can significantly change family structure in low income families, these families will always tread water and never get ahead. Divorce and single parenting happens, but I know children in which NO ONE is married in their family. Everyone in their family (parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents) is a single or divorced. How can a child succeed in such a fractured environment?

This is our class divide. When mom and dad are married, social capital is re-enforced for the child. When unmarried social capital gets weakened. All the social spending on enrichment programs in the world will NEVER solve the problem. The child needs LOVE and the state can't provide LOVE.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a very objective manner understands the clear obligations that parents have to their children. Which is why we have affidavits of paternity/DNA testing, and take the father's paycheck and transfer it on a debit card for the mother in the form of child support payments. Yes, we've turn men into merely instruments of money, and not loving and emotional caring fathers in many cases for low-income families. That's why 'men have gone on stike', when it comes to marriage.
“The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” – John Wooden
Who could disagree such a concept?
The Massachusetts Democratic Party, that's who.

For all I know many elected officials within the Democratic Party may agree with me, but could never actually acknowledge as marriage. It's politics, it's corrupt. It's not about good public policy, but rich lobbyists and their apparent hatred of the idea that children should be raised by their mother and father as one socio-economic unit.

All I know is that you better not get in their way, or they we defame your character as an irrational extremist. This doesn't not mean I will automatically vote Republican or love the GOP, what this means is that I am very aware of the shift of values within the Democratic party, and fearful of the political power behind the Democratic Party. This is not the Democratic Party I once knew, this political group has been taken over and masquerading as something it is not.
Here's a bonus! From another blog.
My personal experience, though, as a Catholic, who is also a homosexual, speaks louder than any document ever could. In the four and a half years since I voluntarily became a Roman Catholic I have never had a single priest treat me as less human than another Catholic because of my sexuality. I have never heard a homily where the priest said that homosexuals, or anyone else for that matter, were not human due to the inclinations of their hearts. I have been showered with words of encouragement in the confessional and have had the undying love and support of Catholic friends as I have shared this intimate part of my life with them.
Please share this letter with those looking for encouragement or who wrongly accuse the Church of fictional beliefs.
That's right the Catholic Church loves gay people! I'm really annoyed of Democratic activists essentially lying, but I have to remember that they may never of heard the truth. For all I know, they really believe it. And that is sadly why I wasn't shocked by the vandalism in Brighton, young people in the secular world are taught to despise and mock Catholicism. Their immaturity in their vandalism shows more ignorance then hate. But where are they learning such ignorance, to the point they feel nothing destroying an oil painting and and a church organ? How as a community as a whole, did we fail them?

Friday, November 29, 2013

7QT "Tiny Saints"

Seven Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Tiny Saints and a Pope, collect them all.

2. If you are serious on understanding how public policy factors in the stability of the family follow W. Bradford Wilcox on Twitter.

3. #2 reminds when I wrote to Senator Elizabeth Warren on the need for marriage without using the word marriage, and her office responded positively. That Seven Quick Take was titled "I'm Grateful".
Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. To create these environments, many parents need educational resources and support. Promoting responsible fatherhood can help support fathers, strengthen families, and give children a fair shot at success.

4. Teresa R. over at Alexandra writes up a post on the police dealing with the mentally ill.
"When the police got there (later than I would have liked, but not preposterously so), they quietly told the young man to get off the bus….(waited for him to comply, minimum of yelling, thank heaven), sit down on the ground…(more waiting), put his hands behind his head… At that point, he burst into tears and kind of collapsed like a deflated balloon. "

5. How Millennial Are You? Quiz over at Alexandria. Spoiler, they ask if your parents are ‘still’ married.

6. The crime reporter here in Lowell has a Twitter account, when I hear sirens I always check his Twitter first. Sirens woke me up early Thursday morning and at 1am I checked Twitter. If you use Twitter 'following' locals, and not just the news helps.

7. Every else enjoying how the media is interpreting the Pope this week?

Friday, November 22, 2013

7QT Homeless Teens & Why?

More 7QTs over at Jen's Conversion Diary
1. Homeless Teen & Why? Fatherless, Teen Pregnancy, and Coming Out My post over at Alexandria.
I keep reading a factoid that 40% of homeless youths identify being LGBT. But all I could find was ”According to the National Network of Runaway and Youth Services, six percent of homeless youth are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) (Molino, 2007). The number of homeless teenagers who are pregnant is estimated to be somewhere between six and twenty-two percent. (Health Resources and Services Administration 2001)”
2. What is it like to live in Massachusetts, with our definition of marriage? I commented it here over at Mark Shea's Patheos blog. Conversations change, so it takes a few minutes to explain yourself now a days.
3. A highlighted comment...
It is quite easy for my upper-middle class friends to proclaim that children do not need a married mother and father and that all kids need is
love. Like fish can’t see water, they cannot understand the enormous benefits
they had growing up with married parents, as they do not know any different. I live in the Chicago area, and used to volunteer on the South Side. The fatherless children certainly do not lack love. Many in fact lived in a same-sex household, with their mother, aunts,
grandmother, etc. and had plenty of adults caring for them.
But it is a tragedy
that they do not live with their fathers, and, as social science has repeatedly
shown, a major detriment in nearly every area of their lives. If a mother is in
a sexual relationship with another woman living in the house (as opposed to
living with a female relative), I am supposed to pretend it is okay the child
is denied his or her father. I refuse to do that.
4. Blast from the past... I found this comment trying to look up low marriage rates in Massachusetts. This comment is from 2007, and why as a matter of public police I can't really 'shut up'.... ok I can't be quiet.
"Anyway, this is all to say that we have an incomplete picture... and probably will for a generation or two. For me (as a gay many who _doesn't_ favor gay marriage), in the end, it's not about divorce rates. I submit that we'll find that gays and straights marry and divorce in similar numbers (once the gee-whiz factor wears-off). Marriage is foremost about children... and I think that children deserve a loving home with a mother and a father who are committed to the long-term stability and health of their family (starting with their marriage)."
5. From 'The Onion', even though it is satire it touches a real nerve.
Report: 92% Of Divorced Parents Get Back Together If Children Ask Enough Times “For example, one 7-year-old subject remained quiet and withdrawn for years after his parents’ divorce, only rarely mentioning his ardent wish for them to rekindle their love. But after telling his mom and dad about seven or eight times how much he wanted them to be a family again, the parents decided to give their relationship another try and got remarried within a year. And they are all very happy now.” Researchers added that an astonishing 98 percent of divorced parents will remarry if their children make a secret, special wish when blowing out their birthday candles.
6. Awesome post over at Alexandria by Wired Sisters "The Greatest Story Never Told"... spoiler it's the Bible. LONG READ, but if you have the time please. Even if you think the Bible is nothing but fairy tales, they good ones.
" Its relationship to biblical Christianity is an incidental benefit, for those students concerned about such things. In the meantime, these college kids and their relationship to Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, and fanfic, already know what it is to be part of a living, lively literary tradition and how to use frameworks created by other people to embody their own stories and enlighten their imaginations. Imagination is the moral faculty. It enables us to assume that “your neighbor” is “like yourself.” If you prick him, he will bleed, if you tickle him, he will laugh. If you wrong him…"

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Coming Up Short"

My full review over at Alexandria
"Just finished, Jennifer M. Silva’s ‘Coming Up Short’ and it was a nice break from all of the issues regarding the breakdown of the family. The theme of the millennials of Lowell, Massachusetts and Richmond, Virginia is loneliness and distrust. Silva is right that they feel screwed, because they are."
"By definition the millennials are not ‘working class’, these millennials are the ‘children of the working class’, because there is no working class.... So if you don’t become a part of the educated class to sit in a cubicle, you’re standing at a drive-thru window pouring ice coffee at Dunkin Donuts at 7am for the cubicle sitters commute."
"The interviewees were not high school drop outs, gang members, or teen parents, something drilled into our heads ad nauseum NOT to do. These adults did everything, they were told to do."
"We need to build up trust in our neighborhoods, so if you have some spare social capital share it with someone. Even if it is letting someone borrow your lawn mower or a ride to the supermarket."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part Five)

Note: The title is now a tag.

Received a call today for a research survey regarding on local elections. Since I finished the survey, the caller informed me of the professor and the university that the research was being done. One of the questions was a candidate ranking question, and the other was asking which side of partisan politics I leaned to. I said no to the ranking idea, but I tried not to answer the partisan politics one. I gave in and said 'independent', when I wanted to respond non-partisan. Also he asked questions on the numerous ways I was contacted by candidates. The surveyor sounded like a student, and he asked for my first name at the end of the interview, and I responded 'but you already know my name, you asked for me when I answered the phone.'

Just following the script, I guess.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part Four)

Note: The title is more of a tag, since I've used it three times already.

I was reviewing Left in Lowell's post election thoughts, and I have to admit when three of the nine candidates you voted for come in 10th, 11th, and 12th place it can BE FRUSTRATING. Yet, I also realize it was a crowded field with many experienced candidates. A former mayor of Lowell , a former headmaster of Lowell High, and a local business owner who was just a hundred or so shy of gaining a seat two years ago pushed out the three candidates I voted for. I can't really complain.

Even though I mentioned the lack of John Leahy's online presence and his campaign literature that was lacking, we have his voting record on city council and school committee. Rita doesn't need an online presence, she is one in a million.

That's presence! I can't find Rita's comment on letting her supper get cold, as she is on the phone with constituents some nights.

Kad Barma shared his thoughts why it is hard to break through.

think of it another way--certain candidates went to where the voters are, and swung their fateful 500 from among those who believe as they do, and, by happy coincidence, tend to vote in large numbers. this means that successful candidates all tend to have strong backing among belvidere, the upper highlands, and all the senior centers across pawtucketville and elsewhere. those who went downtown (sadly) and to other less-prosperous and less-likely-to-vote neighborhoods to support their divergent interests came up snake eyes, regardless of the worthiness of their campaign, their positions, and their message(s). don't like it? then face the fact that you don't like democracy, despite all your protestations that you do.

As an active voter, I only have nine votes. I tried to keep it diverse, but that meant not voting for candidates I liked in such a strong candidate pool. As someone who normally votes blank on state/congressional elections, I need to be grateful for the wide variety of choices.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part Three)

With such a reliance on the Internet for information, two candidates who won had limited presence online, Dan Rourke and John Leahy (nothing relevant on campaign lit and a blank website) so if I’m a resident with NO connections politically I know next to nothing regarding these two candidates, except what they look like. These two candidates won.

I’m not saying anything bad about these two men. What I’m saying is that we teach our children to be educated voters, but you can win saying very little. Residents are disengaged in multiple ways, making those who obtain office in these closed networks a reality on how to win.

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part 1)

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part 2)

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part 4)

Who is Dan Routke (part 5)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part II)

After downloading the QR code app to scan Rourke’s campaign mailing (which lead me only to the Dick Howe’s posting and the You Tube video) and also reviewing the Lowell Sun’s election section, with the limited information I’m trying to gather where Dan is coming from.

As for Dan Rourke’s Lowell Sun headline, I wouldn’t define his as ‘experience’. There are several candidates who are old enough to be his parents, and the Sun only cited his experience at his profession. Aren’t we all ‘experienced’ in our profession? I used my experience when I applied to be on the Animal Advisory Board, which was being a volunteer at the Department of Children & Families, plus owning two cats. The position required the resident not to be a dog owner.

I’m making an assumption, but this is where we our views take different directions. Being a probation officer, he gets to see the bad guys a lot. Even when I’m volunteer at DCF, we get to read and hear about the bad things. If you have your TV running in the background all day long, all you hear at really bad things from ALL around the country.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I know there are more good people then bad. I know there are lot of good people sitting in 495 traffic during the evening commute, as their children wait for them in after school care or their dogs getting anxious just ready to destroy something in the home.

Several years ago, I wrote to Tom Golden about jobs in the city and long commutes. He responded directly to me with a phone call. Growing up my parents worked in Lowell, so even being a ‘latch key’ for an hour or two I knew my parents were really just 15 minutes away. Not today, one of the major hurdles for our family is my husband’s commute. My children had to wait until he came home, so they could trick or treat. His lack of flexibility, limits my ability to ever return to work.

I’m an emergency contact for family friends, so if they get stuck at work I have the ability to pick up their kids. If more residents worked in Lowell, the more time with their family and more time to be the volunteer.

Keeping ‘kids busy’ may sound like a solution, but really we need to teach/guide our children to keep themselves busy. They need to learn how to play in a non-structured non-adult lead situations. It’s a skill and obligation to teach as parents, so we won’t be managing their lives once they’re young adults. As a child I wasn’t really good at anything, my best childhood memories come from those self-initiative activities. But then again I was given the ability to roam.

Even the best after school programs, will lack the warmth of a home. Do children in the existing programs get to take off their shoes and just do nothing? I hope so. I let my kids, do that. My children do activities, but they do only because they want to. These activities will not be something to keep them busy, that is not the goal.

If I could contact Dan, I would suggest reading ‘Free Range Kids’, authored by the mother who let her nine year old ride the New York subway by himself. I’m sure the book is at the library.

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part I)

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part III)

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (part IV)

Who is Dan Rourke (part 5)

Friday, November 1, 2013

7QT Unpopular Opinions

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. I'm always wrong side of popular opinion, considering the marriage issue alone. But this past month, I feel really unpopular.

2. Remember Erin Cox, the heroic volley ball player/honor student. Well there is a back story, that the media failed to explained. The problem is that you can hire a media attorney, and the school (out of legal privacy issues of a minor) can NOT respond. The local news found the back story. This story should of never went viral. Court cases should be tried in court, not in the media with the opposing party is unable to defend themselves.

3. A story that actually stayed local, but had the potential for media outage was of a high school teacher. He was fired for being insubordinate, but he was extremely popular.

A good teacher would of realized he crossed the line in his/her professionalism, taken the seven day suspension and kept it between him and his employers and kept detail plan of his classroom activities. It's not about the profanity, but rather using the classroom as his personal audience for his personal work. He was misusing the student's time.
Again the school administration due to legal privacy issues could not respond. The teacher had to go, even if one of his supporters call me an idiot.

4. I asked a question on Facebook, regarding a candidate. Not sure if I opened a can of worms or stepped in dog poop. We are having city elections, and there is a very popular candidate, but limited information in regards to his insights on the city. We live in an information age, and all I could find were the general pleasantries in elections, ex. sign waving/door knocking. The candidate doesn't have a website, and his Facebook page and Twitter account simply posts the general pleasantries. His only YouTube video shows his family, and some images of the streets of Lowell. Now this is all normal, but there are other candidates who not only share their personal background but have substantive ideas for the city.

5. Ever read through the headlines of Buzzfeed and feel hopeless for civilization? Me too. I do not watch the evening news often because of the children, but I was watching CBS evening news. I didn't realize we still had news in this country.

6. "Broken homes, broken boys"

Liberals often assume that these kinds of social problems result from our stingy support system for single mothers and their children. Provide more maternity leave, quality daycare and healthcare, goes the thinking, and a lot of the disadvantages of single-parent homes would vanish. But the link between criminality and fatherlessness holds even in countries with lavish social welfare systems. A 2006 Finnish study of 2,700 boys, for instance, concluded that living in a non-intact family at age 8 predicted a variety of criminal offenses.

7. Churches Standing for Fatherless on Orphan Sunday You don't need to adopt children, but there are many ways we can help the fatherless. No one is asking for 100% rates, but we even a small percentage increasing the role of fathers helps.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke"

Who is Dan Rourke (part 2)

Who is Dan Rourke (part 3)

Who is Dan Rourke (part 4)

Who is Dan Routke (part 5)

Dan Rourke finished 4th in the primary, and yet I know very little about him as an informed voter. I asked a question on Facebook thinking I was just engaging in some water cooler talk for us political junkies in the city, I didn't realize I was opening up a can of worms less then one week before the election.

Left in Lowell, highlighted my question. I feel a little uncomfortable right know. I asked 'joe', why he was voting for Rourke and was a reiteration of his campaign that public safety is #1, crime prevention, and after school programs. No specific programs. I took issue with his response, so I looked up Dan Rourke. He doesn't have a website, and his twitter account doesn't do much but mention how he dropped off thousands of pieces of literature and 500 signs. Rourke had signs everywhere in Lowell, but despite considering herself locally politically knowledgeable I really never of heard of him. His bio, is OK but nothing exceptional.

I have nothing really bad to say about Dan Rourke or Tom Golden. I'm was simply trying to evaluate Dan as a candidate, that's all. Really innocent, it's a part of my civic duty to ask "Who is Dan Rourke?" I do it with all of the candidates. I'm deeply concerned that 'joe' told me not to pick a fight. I wasn't looking for a fight, just a discussion on "Who is Dan Rourke". In no way was I trying to single him out.

Now apart of Dan's literature drop, he is photographed with Tom Golden. To be honest, I didn't think much of it. What I take issue with is the complete lack of information about Dan on his campaign literature. So I Google'd looking for anything regarding Dan Rourke, again in a typical fashion looking for info on this very popular candidate.

Dan Rourke is a the Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Concord District Court (not Lowell). Rourke does not live in a Lowell neighborhood with a significant problem with gangs or crime, in fact he lives adjacent to the state forest. I do not know if his children go to public schools, or if he would place his own children in an after school program to reduce crime. Rourke doesn't 'live' with the routine crime, someone in the downtown does. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. OK.

My problem is that the Boston Globe has highlighted the financial contribution between Rourke and Tom Golden, NOT GOOD. Tom Golden's representation usually runs unopposed, we like him. So why has Dan Rourke given Tom Golden over $600 dollars in campaign contributions? I wouldn't think anything of this donation, if in fact there was a race.

The Boston Globe highlight Rourke's contributions back to a 2010 article on improper hiring practices within the probation department. Now the Globe only highlighted this, it did not say there was anything improper. The Globe simply flagged the donation as something to watch.

Update:Jack over at Left in Lowell mentioned they were cousins. That's fine and clarifies the campaign contribution. I still hold Dan Rourke to the same standard as any other candidate. We do not need a pilot after school program, when we already have several in the city from CTI, Girls Inc., and UTEC. I'm not voting for Rourke, because he doesn't offer anything substansively new. I searched his Facebook page, his Twitter feed, and Richard Howe's blog.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The truth comes out slowly on Erin Cox

I wrote a post over at Alexandria, in regards to the Erin Cox story in which the general public gave North Andover High School 'hell' over their decision to discipline Erin Cox. It seems her story doesn't hold water, and there are witnesses to the effect that she was drinking. Tom Duggan of the Valley Patriot researched the court records.

It’s a local story, that never should of went viral. The story of the friend who text her, doesn’t hold water. There are witnesses at the party and a failed restraining order against the school by Erin Cox’s mother. I was reading the angry posts on MADD’s Facebook page, just from random people across the country angry at them and their response to remind legal minors should of called a parent, instead of a friends. They will never know the facts behind the story, but they were never suppose to know about the story to begin with.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toxic Teacher/ Student Relationships in Dracut

Update from Lowell Sun, still in arbitration. (October 2014)

I had some great teachers in the past, that I would defend. But this is not a good teacher, no matter how much his students may have liked him. A good teacher would of realized he crossed the line in his/her professionalism, taken the seven day suspension and kept it between him and his employers and kept detail plan of his classroom activities. It's not about the profanity, but rather using the classroom as his personal audience for his personal work. He was misusing the student's time.
From the Lowell Sun October 17, 2013
On the surface, Manley's main issue with Moulton is the teacher's refusal to fill out a detailed, weekly lesson plan showing what he will cover in class. Moulton said the clampdown by Manley came this fall as a consequence of an occurrence in Moulton's classroom in April when he read aloud from, "Song To Bob," a profanity-laden short story which the Bob Dylan-obsessed teacher authored. Moulton served a seven-day suspension for reading the short story before returning to work in May.
The students that adore him are protesting, with the encouragement of the now fired teacher.
The students are being played, as students they deserve a teacher who can offer a planned and structured curriculum. The classroom is not a place for the teacher to do whatever he chooses under the 1st Amendment, he has an obligation to you and he failed. So why are you supporting this man? Yes, You all really like him. Liking your teacher isn't the goal of a good education.
As an analogy, let's say I ran a non-profit. I'm the CEO, and Mr Moulton is a supervisor, and the students are employees. You may like Mr. Moulton, but if he is not holding up to the non-profits goals and using time in the office for his OWN PERSONAL use, as the CEO I have to step in and take administrative action even if the employees under him are not happy about it.
Students are not employees, in fact they are the
'customers'clients. Mr Moulton is not serving the goal of public education, he is serving his own interests during classroom time.
Some teachers are private tutors or hold private workshops/classes outside of school in their specialty. I have a child that takes art class, even though art is offered at school. My question is would parents (or students themselves) pay upwards to 20 dollars a class after school, so Mr Moulton could recite his personal works?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Being positive does not generate web traffic.

Friday's Seven Quick Takes had very low page views, I specifically made seven positive comments. I liked the post. I wish I could write more posts like that, but being positive doesn't generate page views.

I've been following the drama surrounding Gerry Nutter. I made my comments over at Richard Howe's and at Left in Lowell.

Not sure what to make out of this mess. It's a mess. It's true, Gerry Nutter accepts receiving it as much as he gives it out with his choice of words. That's the problem. Yes, he is free to express himself as much as he wants. But 'dishing it out' with over the top responses, leads to this crap and turns people away from having conversations. Instead we indirectly defend the bad behavior to defend others connected to the mess, and accusing the others of wrongdoing for acknowledging bad behavior.

For those who choose to be politically engaged, and want to increase the number of people to be politically engaged (like being on an Election Commission) this type of language does not encourage civic/civil participation. But maybe it does, because everyone loves a train wreck. Train wrecks increases web traffic. Destructive ranting gets attention, constructive discussion does not.

A city council candidate knocked on my door this afternoon. The candidate asked if I could encourage more people to vote (not specifically that candidate), because we have low voter participation. I informed the candidate, that I could not do such a thing due to recent events. Maybe in two weeks, but not right now.

We had a nice conversation. I'm going to vote for that person. I'm not going to name the candidate, because it was so positive and this post is about being negative. If you want positive. I can be positive.

so how is it that gerry nutter can spew the foulest of insults against over half the electorate, that quite clearly call into question his ability to discern and respect the importance of those citizens relative to others, and the only thing we're debating is whether he can play nice with the partisan politicos? -Kad barma

Friday, October 18, 2013

7QT I'm Grateful

More 7QT at Jen's Conversion Diary I'm usually take a serious tone of concern with my 7QTs, so I'm making an attempt to be more positive.

1. It's Fall!

2. Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to my email regarding responsible fatherhood.

"Dear Renee, Thank you for contacting me regarding programs to support responsible fatherhood. Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. To create these environments, many parents need educational resources and support. Promoting responsible fatherhood can help support fathers, strengthen families, and give children a fair shot at success. The federal government supports a number of initiatives that help fathers and promote responsible parenting. Unfortunately, many of the government agencies that support children and families saw their budgets slashed as a result of the across-the-board sequestration cuts that went into place this spring. I believe that we must find a way to reverse the sequester, replace it with a balanced deficit reduction plan, and step up our investments in our children. I appreciate your reaching out to me on this important matter, and I will keep your thoughts in mind as I work to make sure that every child is given a real opportunity to succeed. Sincerely, Elizabeth Warren"
Yes, It's a standard form letter. The fact is that her office is responded. Everyone should try it.

3. Cardinal O'Malley had breakfast with 60 state legislators to let them know what the Archdiocese of Boston does.

""We are in 144 cities and towns in Massachusetts, represented by a lot of good men and women in the legislature, and they deserve to know what the Church is doing," Donilon added. According to an invitation sent to legislators who represent districts within the Boston Archdiocese, the lawmakers will hear from representatives of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office, Catholic Charities and related organizations.

4. 8 Thumbs up! Well, I got 18 thumbs down and my comment became hidden. It was Freak-o-nomics thread about hidden homophobia. I mentioned all my life I never equated the obligation created within marriage with homophobia, in fact real homophobia is now hidden. We recognize and fight against unjust forms of discrimination, and still defend marriage. It's just they are two different things. One can't displace the other.

5. I had my second quarterly meeting with the city's Animal Advisory Council. I was appointed last June, in the 'non-dog' owner seat. If you want to get involved in non-partisan public policy, check out opportunities in your own community. Washington may be dysfunctional, but your town doesn't have to be.

6. Over at Alexandria Ginny posts on a father's connection with his autistic son.

7. All of my children came home with really good progress reports. I have no idea why they are complaining about their satisfactory progress. Es are great, but Ss are fine. Seriously. If one of my kids were tanking in their academics we would let them know. Every parent wants As, but Bs they earned on their own means they understand the material. That's good.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Assuming good intent of a conversation in disagreeing on anything.

Recently I began to follow NOM on Twitter, immediately I began to be followed by Twitter accounts that very publicly to spread the message that I (and others) are full of hate. This is not how you share the positive and valid points you may have. Those accounts are trying to suppress a conversation, in which on many points there is mutual agreement.

Marriage really does matter (at least the idea if we have to rename), as one man and one woman for the purposes of raising their children as a family unit. We see it in the hurdles that children have to overcome when one parent is not available, specifically fatherless but this can apply if the mother can not commit to the best of her ability of parent.

The argument isn't about disliking someone on their orientation, that argument is about obligation to those who are completely dependent on others.


Now this doesn't mean I can't be critical of NOM, recently they showed a study comparing both biological parents raising children to same-sex couples. The study showed the outcomes of children, but I felt it was unfair. For instance you would compare step-families to step-families, adoption to adoption, and foster to foster in the outcomes of children. Nothing really can compare to an individual being raised by both their biological mother and father.

That's not disliking you and anyone.

Do you realize I routinely place children with relatives, no matter their sexual orientation?

Do you realize I routinely help foster care youth find homes, no matter their sexual orientation that are best fit for them?

Do you realize that if an older child requests specifically a form of family constellation, we meet that request.

Do you realize there are children who desire a mom and dad, there are children who have no preference, there are children who want no dad, and there was a case in which an older child requested two dads because the child had difficulty in the past with females?

If you are going to call me names, I'm going to defend myself. Yet I understand you're in pain from unjust discrimination, that pain is being misdirecting towards marriage and me. No doubt marriage has been crippled well before this debate. But with so many children facing the fact they will not have a relationship and benefit from living with their mother and father, public policy has to address it one way or another.

Renee Aste, Lowell Massachusetts

P.S. Thanks Mara Dolan who actually inspired this post, even though she would disagree me with on the subject.

Friday, October 4, 2013

7QT Normal ex-Disney Stars & Pope Francis on 'Tomorrow People'

7QT Over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Former Disney Star so normal, he goes to college and has a part-time job. (Hint Zach & Cody

2. City without Fathers over at Aleksandria

3. What happens when we split over siblings to make adults happy over at Aleksandria

4. Flavor Flav on Family-

""You took a gift away from that child because the best gift you could give the child is to have that child have both of his parents."

5. Pope Francis-

"The old need care and companionship; the young need work and hope but have neither one nor the other, and the problem is they don't even look for them any more. They have been crushed by the present. You tell me: Can you live crushed under the weight of the present, without a memory of the past and without the desire to look ahead to the future by building something, a future, a family?"

6. Tomorrow People by Ziggy Markey-

Tomorrow people, where is your past? Tomorrow people, how long will you last? Tell me now Tomorrow people, where is your past? No where Tomorrow people, how long will you last? Ten years! Stop tellin' me the same story Today you say you deyah Tomorrow you say you're gone and you're not coming back If there is no love in your heart oh now There will never be hope for you

7. I'm trying to read 'The Idiot' by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Splitting up siblings

The judge wouldn’t do this, if the half-siblings were adopted. Two men hire a surrogate, fraternal twins share a bio-mother but each are fathered by the other dad. Dads split up and the split up the children in the custody agreement.

Friday, September 27, 2013

7QT Candy Corn Love it/Hate it?

More 7QT over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Why do we have a love/hate relationship with Candy Corn? No one likes candy corn to eat it year round, but when it comes to this season no one can stop gorging themselves with it from the candy dish on the table.

Over at Alexandria Ginny S. addresses this problem.

2. NPR covers the strained Foster Care system. I mention it over at Alexandria.

Alex Morales, the CEO of the Children’s Bureau of Southern California, says the U.S. needs to focus on how it’s going to prevent this problem in the first place. “How do you reduce the situation so that you don’t have 140,000 reports going on in a year?” Morales says. “You try to start very early with families … prevention is ultimately the direction we need to invest in.” While prevention may be the key, Morales says there’s still a crisis going on with Los Angeles Foster Care. There just aren’t enough homes to take in kids, and that ongoing crisis in Los Angeles is one that reflects a national problem.

3. Remember when we use to call prevention, marriage? That was about a decade ago. What happened. Back in 2002, (Remember this when you read the quote) PBS Frontline covers the decline in marriage and the effects on children. That's right, PBS. It reads like it was directed from the Family Research Council. This was when marriage, meant marriage, and not some paranoid media campaign to target anyone who says marriage is really in a grand conspiracy against homosexual persons.

""Let's Get Married" traces the evolution of the public policy debate over marriage -- from Daniel Patrick Moynihan's explosive 1965 report on the erosion of the African-American family, to 1992, when Vice President Dan Quayle's criticism of TV character Murphy Brown's unwed pregnancy made headlines. But FRONTLINE's interviews with social scientists and researchers reveal how -- on both the right and the left -- there is a growing consensus that, all things being equal, two-parent families are best for children."
For those whodon't remember, marriage as a matter of public policy and the community was a pretty serious discussion about the needs to stop the fragmenting of the family. The focus was a foundation, and not 'the frosting.' Remember when they reference two parents, it was a reference that both parents were in fact biological kin to the child. Now when people say two parents, it doesn't matter if both are strangers.

4. “Before the government hands over a child to strangers all efforts to find family must be exhausted” Yes, that is still our public policy.

5. The Catholic Church speaks up against the redefining of breakdown of marriage in the 1880 version. In fact here reference the breakdown within the Bible and over the course of history.

". This form of marriage, however, so excellent and so pre-eminent, began to be corrupted by degrees, and to disappear among the heathen; and became even among the Jewish race clouded in a measure and obscured. For in their midst a common custom was gradually introduced, by which it was accounted as lawful for a man to have more than one wife; and eventually when "by reason of the hardness of their heart,"(3) Moses indulgently permitted them to put away their wives, the way was open to divorce. But the corruption and change which fell on marriage among the Gentiles seem almost incredible, inasmuch as it was exposed in every land to floods of error and of the most shameful lusts. All nations seem, more or less, to have forgotten the true notion and origin of marriage; and thus everywhere laws were enacted with reference to marriage, prompted to all appearance by State reasons, but not such as nature required. "
Remember... 1880.

6. Nihilism hurts the young the most. By Thomas Gelsthrope

Nineteenth-century nihilism achieved the status of an official philosophy derived from the Latin word for "nothing," and explainable with all manner of high-falutin' jargon, arguing that true knowledge is unattainable, all morality is subjective, human existence is without meaning or purpose, and so on. For the purposes of this column, it can be condensed into a two-word sentence: "Life stinks."

7. This news article bothered me. Men can be important, no matter their profession. Second community forum on violence in Cleveland geared toward men, explores link between fatherless upbringing and crime

“Boys in our community are being raised by gangs and by wayward men, who also had no role models growing up,” Conwell said. “We need more men with skills and resources – more lawyers, doctors, men with MBAs -- to help us out.”
I know men who do not have degrees or a lot of resources, but they are not in gangs or wayward. But then again, this community may have absolutely no working/middle class either.

Friday, August 30, 2013

7QT Catholic Name Calling OK?

More 7QT at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Can you call a Catholic a bigot? On the basis of free speech of course, but would it be correct to target us with such a false label on our bodies.

So over at Alexandria, I had to emotionally respond to a post that promotes the that idea that Catholics being labeled bigots isn't really a big deal. It's just speech, but well... that is how it starts. How should we respond?

Otherwise a good post, even though I got very personal. Sorry.

2. The Three Sides of the God Coin, again over at Alexandria. A post by an agnostic, and why he can't believe either theism or atheism. Very thoughtful.

3. If you threaten your children (jokingly) that you will strip down to your underwear and dance like Miley Cyrus and their immediate response is that would call the Department of Children & Families, that means your doing a decent job raising them.

4. Our school starts with three half days, before the labor day weekend. This is an incredible slow start. I'm frustrated that my children have no homework.

5. Then the weekend after Labor Day everything HAPPENS. We have nothing this week, then we are over scheduled for September 7th.

6. In regards to the 1st Quick Take, my mind immediately goes to the Blessed Peter To Rot.

7. We live in a world where the innocence of the foam #1 finger isn't safe, why should we expect the Catholic Church.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's a statue.

Protestants saw the problem. Statues are the equivalent of pictures. You place them in visible spots, so they remind you of loved ones and memories. Tensions rise over a statue left behind (Lowell Sun)
St. Pierre urged Leaver and the others if they had more questions about the subject, they should ask them in private. When asked about the sweater, though, St. Pierre revealed he was aware the garment was removed some months ago. "OK, now you see, you did that. Because someone took it off saying, 'What is this doing on the statue?' " he said to Leaver. "We don't normally clothe our statues." "She just looked so lonely and cold," Leaver responded. St. Pierre, who has been a pastor of the church for 13 years, stated again when the property is sold, the statue will come home. "She's already lost to me now," Leaver said. "Well, that's where you are," St. Pierre said.

Friday, August 23, 2013

7QT Race & Birth Control

More Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary.

1. Over at Alexandria my post on Race & Birth Control ads in women magazines.

2. I still compile any article/link I can regarding marriage and fatherless. They seem to get fewer and fewer. And I've been noticing that we the break down/fracture of the family is being talked about, they don't use to m-word.

3. When White Fathers Leave Their Black Children

Even President Obama has opined on this national conversation, creating the Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative and making responsible fatherhood one of the key priorities of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. While his speeches on fatherhood have been widely criticized in liberal circles for their conservative and retrograde content, the president’s rhetoric remains quite indicative of public opinion on the state of [black] fatherhood.

4. Churches have been hearing the call, that has been ignored in our culture.Faith, fathers will save Harrisburg's sons from the curse of street violence, forum participants say

"I'm going to show my boys what a father looks like, who a father should be," Cooper said. "You can't exclude making men responsible," Mann agreed. "It's your child. Go take care of your child." District Judge Robert Jennings III, who deals with the results of the city's violence, also cited the need for more positive male role models to counteract the lie, promoted by some rappers, that street crime is somehow manly."By the way, those guys don't live in the 'hood," Jennings said. "They live in mansions in gated communities. They don't hear gunshots at night."

5. A week from Wednesday marks the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech.

“They gotta start being more examples for their younger men, because what’s happening is heads of households have dropped off and a lot of times these young men are only emulating the atmospheres that they come from,” said Rev. McCrorey.Data from the Urban Institute shows that in 1950, only 17 percent of black children lived in fatherless homes. By 2010, that number more than doubled. Now 50 percent of black children have absent fathers. And almost half of all black children are born out of wedlock.Rev. McCrorey’s wife, Carrie, says repairing families could help re-inspire Dr. King’s dream in all of us. “More people in the community coming together, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, more families coming out to be as a unit.”

6. Only the privilege can talk about gender theory, and that includes myself. We are having a good discussion over at Alexandria on deconstructing gender. My argument is that it can't be done. Well it can be done, but with terrible results.

7. From Science Daily "Boys Suffer from Their Fathers' Long Working Hours"

"Boys whose fathers worked 55 or more hours per week later exhibited more delinquent and aggressive behaviors than boys whose fathers worked fewer hours. Their fathers' long work hours did not appear to affect girls' behaviors. Mothers' work hours did not seem to matter, although few Australian mothers worked long hours and no firm conclusions can be drawn yet from this comparison."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well, I've been trying to say this for several years now. I just cry when I read these articles.

Why ‘The Family’ Matters in Economics by Michael Hendrix
Yet too many experts remain silent for fear of becoming collateral damage in America’s culture wars. Nick Schulz wrote Home Economics for these silent ones who have ignored the family’s role in the economy. He concludes as former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett did, finding that the “family is the original and best Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.”

Sure I'm Catholic, but prior to being actively religious there was this basic knowledge in Anthropology 101, that family mattered. It wasn't a political right, it was a natural idea coming from kinship. For several years know I've been warned I would be on the wrong side of history, casted off as an ignorant bigot, and unable to participate in public policy.

Marriage rates are falling, children are dealing with the consequences. As we follow this trend, we are ALL going to be on the wrong side of history written in the books as a civilization that brought itself down on its very own doing. Some civilizations end in war, disease, or famine. We're die over the breakdown of our most basic economic unit, the family and refuse to acknowledge its purpose and function..

Another Vermont in Alexandria

My post on Vermont is up over at Alexandria.

There are also new contributors as well!

Ginny S. from Boston

MRMacrum from Maine

and Teresa R. A 'Libertarian Catholic'.

Friday, August 9, 2013

7QT Fake History in Lowell

7QT More at Conversion Diary

1. Tourists will visit Lowell for something that didn't happen. Genius~!

2. The Judge Speaks...

With sperm/egg donation, anyone can do this by means of third parties who are brokers on contracting the creation of babies as a product. Children who are created from an industry have no rights; children naturally conceived do have rights. This is a problem; we don’t have equal application of the law here.

3. Living up on the hill, we get a good wind. So on nice days we fly kites, the activity with the children lasts for a good hour. I never understood the insult 'go fly a kite'.

4. Locally we are having city elections. It takes a lot of effort to run, but I was surprises that a city councilor had difficulty handling his campaign funds. Candidates hand off the duties of treasurer to someone else, how can this happen? The state does give finance classes, so those can be a reasonable understanding of what is expected for disclosure.

5. So much for uplifting reading, but I'm reading The Great Degeneration right now. I'm just beginning to read, and it is very depressing but there is a theme that I agree with. Individuals in western societies are less 'engaged'. We are engaging less with others in organizations, normally we look at church attendances, but it is more then that. It could be the quilting club or bowling teams, we are losing social supports. And while many look at the trend that we are losing our social supports in family, we forget to think about all the other non-public organizations that many of our grandparents belonged to.

6. Child Language Development: Why Fathers Matter

Fathers have a unique impact on child language development according to a study done by the FPG Child Development Institute, children’s vocabulary at age three directly correlated with that of their fathers. It appears, according to the study, that the mothers vocabulary had little to no impact on the children. It was all the fathers!

7. Why I vote blank many of times, but I still vote.

"He gets money, the bribers er 'donors' or 'partners' get control and access over public policy, at the expense of the voters. This is blatant graft and of a type that used to be common in the late 19th century, which in so many ways our politics and economy seem to be moving back to."
Moving back too? Where has this person been?
“Cory is the inspiration architect,” Ms. Ross said. “He really is the thought-leader soul part of the business.” Translation: he does nothing but we're throwing money at him to buy influence.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tourists will visit Lowell for something that didn't happen. Genius~!

Facebook Fauxlore: Kerouac, Burroughs, and a Fight Over the Oxford Comma That Never Was (The Atlantic)
That last connection makes the sign's success on the Internet even more appropriate. Warhol's obsession with reproduction and the mutations that occur when we copy and copy something could not look more prescient. We live in a world where thousands of people duplicated a fiction about a mill site built by a forefather of the muse of Warhol Factor. For tens of thousands of people, the fiction about this space in the world became far better known than any real historical information about Appleton's mill.
Nathan Appleton, himself never lived in Lowell who was the investor in the Merrimack Manufacturing Company.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Judge Speaks

Over at Alexandria
John M. Smoot is a retired judge in Massachusetts, and for 22 years he presided in the Family & Probate Court in Suffolk County. Last February he wrote an article for Public Discourse “Why Sperm Donation is Bad for Dads and Kids” on his reflections from a 2006 case Jane Doe vs. New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., in which a mother of twins sued the sperm bank for the identity of the donor.

Friday, August 2, 2013

7QT Battle of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha vs. The Crayola Experience

Join Jen at Conversion Diary for 7QT

1. Over at Alexandria my pilgrimage to Saint Kateri and a pit stop at the Crayola Factory. You can read my review on Trip Adviser on Crayola. Saint Kateri won hands down!

Their Shrine is an old barn. You go in and the smell the aging wood. It was a Monday and no one was around, but us. We had the place to ourselves. In the lower church/barn, was the museum. The museum is open and free, but they do ask for a suggested donation of a few dollars for the visit.

2. Also over at Alexandria "More on Natural Family Planning", it's a good post from someone who is critical of NFP.

3. Evolution of Monogamy in Humans the Result of Infanticide Risk, New Study Suggests

Once fathers decide to stick around and care for young, mothers can then change their reproductive decisions and have more, brainy offspring."

4. PTSD After Traumatic Events: Which Teens Are at Risk?

Risk factors associated most strongly with trauma exposure included: Lack of both biological parents in the home.

5. Do you have four minutes?

6. Recent commentary on fatherlessness.

The topic is complex, but seeing this from a strictly scientific standpoint, it seems to me that since not one of us would exist without a father, fathers are naturally an important piece of what constitutes a strong and healthy society.

7. We already have hundreds of crayons, but you know you can't leave the Crayola Experience with a hundred more!

We plan on visiting to more shrines in our travels, and less 'experiences'.

Friday, July 26, 2013

7QT Random links

7QT over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. We can't value marriage, because it discriminates against non-married couples. Well that is what law maker in the UK argue. That what laws do, they make distinctions (discrimate). Well that's what words do as well, they make distinctions between different type of relationships and their obligations.

2. My obligatory NFP awareness week post over at Alexandria.

Because our reliance on contraception is much like our dependence on oil. We all want to be 100% clean energy and reduce our carbon foot prints, actually getting to that goal can not be done over night. It’s a long journey. -Renee Aste

3. Anthony Weiner post over at Alexandria as well, a good conversation about the saturation of adult material in our culture. We talk about the double standard with 50 Shades of Grey.

4. I'm hooked on Breaking Pointe on the CW.

5. Priest Carjacked In Front Of Wilmington Church (Delaware)

The priest moved his SUV in order to open up the church’s food pantry for the neighborhood. Apparently, that was the opportunity the armed suspect waited for to strike

6. Do’s and don’ts of sharing NFP. I have a hard time NOT saying cervical mucus. Sorry. I know it is a don't.

7."Don't Bother Me! I'm PRAYING!" (and other non sequiturs) From Boston's Lady in the Pew.

Saint Kateri

We can't value marriage, because it discriminates against non-married couples.

Makes sense right?

Why have laws, because laws discriminate. That what laws do, they make distinctions. Well that what words do as well, they make distinctions between different type of relationships and their obligations.

Visit the fatherless streets I grew up on, Clegg told From the UK

A recent announcement from Downing Street that a tax break for married couples will be published in the Autumn was met with criticism from Mr Clegg, who said it was unfair on people who choose not to marry.

But Selina Gray said he would change his mind if he visited the estate on which she grew up, and “would learn that the idea of a tax-break for married couples is something that benefits all of us by sending a message that society values the family and the commitment, stability and self-sacrifice that goes with it”.

Last month, The Centre for Social Justice, an independent think-tank, released a report which showed that at least one million children are growing up without a father in the UK, and that the number of lone-parent families is increasing by 20,000 every year.

No you are still their dad. Sorry, you can't change that.

Book Talk: A parenting journey as father-turned-mother
Author Jennifer Finney Boylan says there is more to being a mother than giving birth and in her newest book, "Stuck in the Middle with You," she chronicles her transgender journey from being a father to a mother.
I actually have a lot of sympathy for transgender, I struggle at time but I try to act in good faith someone is trying to correct something with their body they genuinely feel is incorrect. You may change into a physical appearance woman on the outside and to some extent on the inside, but your obligation is to be a father to your children NEVER CHANGES.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dr. Steve Perry Explains Why Many Fatherless Sons Join Gangs

"They don't know what to do with [the anger]," Dr. Perry says. "Every kid I've ever worked with who's been in a gang said they joined a gang for one reason. It's not protection. It's love." "Because... they're looking outside to find out how to be and what to do," Oprah suggests, referencing sons who don't have fathers to model their behavior after. Seeking outside role models and love is not uncommon among fatherless children. "When you don't love yourself, what you tend to do is look for someone else to validate you," Dr. Perry explains.

It takes a lot to openly say you are sorry

FAR LEFT TX ACTIVIST Apologizes for Smearing Pro-Zimmerman Group With Hateful Racist Sign Renee Vaughan says she doesn’t want to foment hate.
I did a really stupid thing this weekend, and I apologize with all of my being. No matter who I agree or disagree with, I don’t want to foment hate. I my haste, I did exactly that. Had I thought before I put a bad message out to the world, I wouldn’t have hurt, angered and embarrassed so many people. I pray for forgiveness, and to never, ever be that stupid again. Those who know me know that I want a better world for everyone. I hope you can forgive me, World.
We've all done things that were stupid in our lifetime and thoughtless. Lesson for all.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Natural Family Planning Awareness Week (July 21-27)

Because our reliance on contraception is much like our dependence on oil. We all want to be 100% clean energy and reduce our carbon foot prints, actually getting to that goal can not be done over night. It’s a long journey. -Renee Aste

Friday, July 19, 2013

7QT On the Radio talking NFP

7QT Over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. I was on the radio last Sunday talking about Natural Family Planning with Paul Murano. We talked on the effects on the Environment, Women Health, and Demography experienced at a personal level. I speak more in the second half, but the first half with Barbara (an NFP teacher) was great. On the SECOND hour at the 46:16 mark is a good place to jump to if you only had a few minutes. It is mostly me.

2. We are in a heat wave. In Lowell that means crime goes up. I did the broadcast on Sunday night, after there was three shootings in Lowell on Saturday in the city.

3. At WCAP 980 Lowell it is like a moment stood still in time, the office has not been remodeled in DECADES. Very cool, all the radio equipment has been transferred to digital but much of the older equipment is hanging around.

4. I was on Paul Murano's show, a graduate of Boston College and a Professor at some of the local colleges. I was nervous, never being on radio before in this manner. I didn't freeze or get shaky in my voice, but if you have another informative guest on with you this makes conversation so much easier!

5. Barbara Donovan was awesome, as an NFP teacher she had a three ring binder with hundreds of references of studies/facts about NFP. For instance I brought up Japan's low fertility and the effects of elder care, she had a cite within her book she wanted to make known. There was also lots of discussion on how men respond to women on the Pill.

6. I do worry that I brought my personal life on the radio. I mentioned sexual partners prior to my husband, and I reference my own family growing up. For instance I have cousins, who have many siblings and I found great joy in that even though I was a generation younger. I also talked about the contraception mentality with my parents. This is what you can listen to in the 46:16 mark in the second hour.

7. My parents are not religious, but they are more open to NFP. One of the odd/normal things my mom once said to me as an adult in causal conversation, 'Be glad you are a wanted child.' I knew what my mother meant, but yet? 'Mom, what if I wasn't 'wanted' would you still love me?'Awkward. I would hope and I believe that yes my parents would love me even if I wasn't planned/intended.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

On the radio discussing Natural Family Planning

I was on the radio last Sunday talking about Natural Family Planning with Paul Murano. We talked on the effects on the Environment, Women Health, and Demography experienced at a personal level. I speak more in the second half, but the first half with Barbara (an NFP teacher) was great. On the SECOND hour at the 46:16 mark is a good place to jump to if you only had a few minutes. It is mostly me.