Thursday, May 31, 2012

Female adaption to sexual monogamy and its benefits

The Opine Editorials: Not based on the Bible, but science.

It can be seen in the socio-economic differences when a paternal parent resides and is commited to the maternal parent and offspring. Amazing. Too bad we don't have a name for such behavior.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

That will teach you. IUD Shaming after an abortion.

Not all forms of contraception have the same affect. The more reversible the form of family planning, then of course there seems to be a correlation of pregnancies. A woman can't get pregnant on her own, if she is sterilized or needs a procedure to become fertile again. Her reproductive freedom is essentially given away in these instances.

A big key to her freedom and choice is the ability for a woman to be fertile again and maintain fertility without the need of a medical professional intervening. This is why IUDs are strikingly different. While very effective, a woman has less control and freedom to become fertile. If a woman chooses an IUD, if has to be completely of her own will, not offered to her as an gift immediately after her abortion with her legs still open wide in the stirrups.

Immediate Use of an IUD Following Abortion More Likely to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies, Study Finds

To conduct this research, Bednarek and colleagues enrolled 575 women, ages 18 and older, who requested abortions at Oregon Health & Science University and three other U.S. academic health centers. The women were randomized into two groups: one group received an IUD within 15 minutes of their abortion, and the other group received an IUD two to six weeks later.

At six months, the researchers found the 258 women who immediately received IUDs had no significant adverse affects and no pregnancies, and more than 90 percent of the women were still using the device. Of the 226 women who underwent delayed insertion, there were, likewise, no significant adverse events; however, five of the 226 women became pregnant -- all were not using IUDs -- and only 77 percent were using the device at six months.

"A significant number of women who were randomized to the delayed insertion group did not return to get an IUD placed and instead chose a substantially less effective contraceptive method or none at all," explained Bednarek. "Our results show that women who would like to receive an IUD after an abortion, but are asked to make an appointment for a later date, may not return to actually receive the IUD, and, therefore are at higher risk to have another unintended pregnancy."

Maybe she changed her mind, she has a right to think about her form of birth control and shouldn't have to make a decision at the time of an abortion! When you are getting an abortion, you're priority is dealing with the abortion and not long term family planning. (I'm not endorsing abortion or contraception.) This medical practice is taking advantage of women in compromising situations by making her temporary infertile with "free" and "preventative" care in which she can not reverse without having a doctor agree to remove it. She is no longer in control without the someone else willing to give her back her fertility

It's not because the Pope tells me too.

Well, sort of. If it wasn't for the preservation of Church teachings, done in an informative and charitable manner I would just be another contraceptive Catholic. But no, I'm not. Recently I was having thoughts on why I deal with NFP, especially due to financial and health issues it is highly unlikely I should have another child. Then I come across a study like think, and I realize it isn't about just mean but an obligation to to not only respect my body but also understand there is a trade off with birth control.


Water Pollution Caused by Birth Control Poses Dilemma

The problem is effectively removing ethinyl estradiol can be quite costly. Governmental estimates put the cost of upgrading about 1,360 wastewater treatment plants across England and Wales so they can comply with a proposed limit at between $41 billion and $47 billion (€32 billion and €37 billion), according to Richard Owen, a professor at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. "The big question is, 'Are we willing to pay this as a society?'" Owen told LiveScience. "Or, alternatively, 'would we prefer to live with the environmental impact?'" In their Nature commentary, Owen and Susan Jobling, an ecotoxicologist at the University of Brunel, write that more public debate is need on the proposed regulation. [7 Surprising Facts About the Pill] They intended to draw attention to this environmental dilemma, not to suggest that women should not have access to birth control, Owen told LiveScience.
There we have it, birth control is more important then clean water. It isn't really preventative care, if it costs us later down the road.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cross Comment from Opine

A comment of mine... I have a few.
We don't want 'fatherhood to end at conception'. We want to bring not just egg and sperm together, but mother and father, as one in marriage (or insert new name, if we can't use marriage). This isn't an insult to anyone not married or an act of bigotry to someone who isn't interested in the opposite sex, it's a matter of reality and need for the individual conceived out of the act.
At DCF in Massachusetts, there is a hierarchy. First Birth Parents, whenever possible we want to reunite children with THEIR OWN parents. Then family. Then non-biological. As must as I support these wonderful services, I understand children not living with their parents is not a wonderful thing. Even relatives and foster parents, gay or straight understand this. Foster parents, related or not, gay or straight, realize there is a hole in a child's heart that needs to grieve. We shouldn't take advantage of a child's lost, to push our own interests. The type of person who does foster care is a much different person, who would use sperm/egg donation. They're not in it for 'family building' to serve their needs, but to serve others. We all have two parents, a mother and a father, it makes it easy for the child and the government/community when they live under the same roof without conflict. Even though we can't call it marriage, in Massachusetts, that is how it is applied for children naturally conceived.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Marriage Cross Post

The Opine Editorials: NAACP Stories of the Dream

Found a Dream in regards to marriage and African American Families on NAACP's website. Screen Saved it for preservation, because that Dream can no longer exist.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alternative Lifestyles

When I was 12 years old*, I began to listen to WFNX here in Boston. My best friend and I would just spend countless hours listening to the alternative radio station, as a preference to MTV, except for 120 Minutes. My high school boyfriend, two years older then me, was a saxophonist in ska band. One of my first dates with my husband was a Bostones concert in college. Saw Ben Folds Five a few times back then also, along with other WFNX sponsored shows.

WFNX 101.7 started in 1983 and for the past 29 years a cultural institution for anyone who lived in the area as a teenager in the 80s, especially the 90’s, and 2000’s. This week it was bought out by a corporate conglomerate. The local music scene was pretty established, and music played a big role in our lives. It also played an important part of the gay and lesbian community, with its radio program “1 in 10” that aired on Sunday Nights.

So tolerate, “1 in 10” even had former Mayor Ray Flynn on the show, if I remember correctly. Flynn, a Catholic became the Ambassador to the Vatican under President Clinton, then later one of the main supporters in retaining the definition of marriage as one man/one woman in Massachusetts.

When the news came out WFNX sold its radio license to Clear Channel, many individuals ages 30-45 are morning the lost. Clear Channel will replace the independent music format to talk radio, including Rush Limbaugh…

I can’t believe there is a market for Rush Limbaugh in Boston.

I can’t believe alternative rock is no longer in Boston.

I joked to my husband WFNX isn’t on the radio, but the Catholic Church has its own station after we heal from the scars of scandal and its cancer removed.

So here I am still in the Greater Boston area, and I look back at WFNX in the past. While it will be missed, just because you have a few fond memories in high school or smoking “cigarettes”, doesn’t mean you want to ever go back either. Just as I hate my parents at times for being stuck in the 60s, I refuse to be trapped in the 90s.

When I was 15 I wanted to be that non-conformist radical, society couldn’t understand. I got my wish twenty years later, just not what I expected though defending the importance of the one man/one woman is good for offspring thingy.

* Why yes, I did see the New Kids on the Block back in 1988 at the Lowell Auditorium. KNOTB opened up for Tiffany. I was eleven at the time.

Cross Post

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Opine Posting

Current thoughts living in Massachusetts
Our views of deteriorating view on marriage didn’t happen over night. The ideal of marriage solves the inequality for the child. It gives equal access to both one’s maternal and paternal parent. This is not homophobic in its reasoning or based on hatred.
If marriage is no longer about a biological mother and father need to live with one another and raise their own children together, then what is this nameless concept and why can it not have a name?
Right now living in Massachusetts, I’m in the minority on this view of marriage. Only 30-35% agree with my view. Some people tell me to keep my views to myself, because there isn’t anything I can do about it and none of my business. Most people worry about the social ramifications and personal safety, they worry that someone will totally flip out on me. So am I supposed to agree with gay marriage out of fear someone might harass me or do something stupid?
Minorities are not marrying at lower and lower rates, maybe our marriage public policy/culture have become racist towards them. No? But should we acknowledge the lower rates? Minorities desire higher rates, so what are the barriers when they are completely legally free to marry? There is no legal barrier preventing them. If minorities choose not to marry, why is it everyone else’s problem? Anyone? Please answer.
And yes in accordance with Catholic teaching, "Men are friends, not spouses."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We will pay.

Presidential Proclamation -- National Foster Care Month | The White House

Usually I'm pro anything Foster Care, but why does the President allow former foster youth medicaid up to 26?

In Massachusetts, after 18 you sign on voluntarily until 22 and held accountable for education/work. You do not get DCF assistance, if you are doing nothing. It's not a free ride for these young adults.

President Obama's Health Care Act is not like Romney care.

A NY state Democrat defending the pro-life position