Thursday, April 26, 2012

I will pay, again.

Last month I paid a 2k deductable, as needed with my health insurance:Cappadocia in Lowell: I will pay. These deductables are for illness and non-preventative care/routine screeings.

A few weeks ago, one of my children had an annual physical. The insurance paid for the physical, but not for the auditory screening as recommended for the age of the child. I owe $91.37. New policy. 

The HHS mandates contraception to be cover with no copay/deductable, but pediatric screenings aren't.

This isn't about health care.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

We have a telescope in town!

New Astronomical Observatory Installed on Top of Olney Hall (UMASS Lowell)

Seriously, of all the investment at the University, this is AWESOME.

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Another parish in Boston closes after a seven year vigil, about 70 parishioners were attempting to keep it open.

2. Meanwhile 54,000 attend an open house at Fenway.

3.Can you figure out we have a problem worshiping sports here in Massachusetts.

4. There are other forms of love, other then marriage. Friendship.

Our culture’s hostility to friendship and our ugly tendency to reduce it to eros or mere animal sexual desire is even more acute and destructive when it comes to friendships between people of the same sex. It is now routine to declare that any close friendship between two persons of the same sex is “really” homoerotic. This blind insistence on casting all friendships in the mold of eros is soul-crushing, because it short-circuits the truly vital and nourishing role that true friendship plays in a healthy human life.

5. Consumerism Leads to Depression, Study Finds

According to new a study from Northwestern University, people who place hight value on wealth, status, and material possessions may actually be the most depressed and anti-social among us. In other words, those most prone to trying to buy happiness in the form of stuff are probably more likely to experience an emotion quite the opposite.

6.Contraception Isn’t Healthcare; It Isn’t Even Helpful

The controversy is not about medical treatment for women like me. It is about who pays for contraception for women like Sandra Fluke. Even those groups that oppose contraception will pay for contraceptives if there is an established medical reason. So again, those “poor women” like me who would, unlike me, accept contraception as a treatment, we are covered. And while I insist that it is an injustice that real treatments for female ailments don’t exist for women like myself (forcing me to find my own solutions at my own expense) I never complained about having to pay for my own healthcare.

7.BTW I use NFP.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Recession and Fertility

As you may noticed I haven't had a child since 08', I've been following the trend that economically. I worry. Over at Dick Howe's site, I made a comment in concerns to the points missed in how women choose their family/career paths. With better economic choices, we don't fear child birth. We only fear child birth in the wake of a poor economic climate. In a healthy climate there is little worry of your family planning choices, because you can afford it on your own.

Without much coercion or need for free contraception, the fertilty rate has dipped on its own. Fertility Rate Reaches 25-Year Low (New Report from Demographic Intelligence)

The long arm of the Great Recession continues to weigh heavily on American families, and will drive the U.S. fertility rate to a 25-year low in 2012. The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in the U.S. is predicted to fall to 1.89 children per woman in 2012, from a recent high of 2.12 per children per woman in 2007, according to a new report from Demographic Intelligence. This trend is unexpected because fertility rates usually rise within a year or two of the end of a recession, according to the April edition of The U.S. Fertility ForecastTM from Demographic Intelligence (DI). “The fertility fallout of the Great Recession will prove longer and deeper than many expected,” said Bradford Wilcox, Ph.D., president of DI. “Young adults are gun shy about having kids today, in large part because unemployment and economic fear remain unusually high among this demographic.”

Sunday, April 15, 2012

If there were articles like this in America, people wouldn't be so scared of NFP.

The natural plan WOMEN'S WORLD By DR NOR ASHIKIN MOKHTAR Natural family planning methods require an intimate understanding of the body and a woman’s menstrual cycle.
If you wish to use these natural methods, it is very important that you understand how it works and whether it is appropriate for your individual situation. Natural family planning requires more commitment and discipline, compared to other contraceptive methods, because it is not as simple as taking a daily pill or inserting a device. You should note that natural family planning methods do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, as there is no barrier (such as a condom) used. Natural family planning involves being aware of your body’s natural physiological changes and symptoms to identify the fertile and non-fertile phases of your menstrual cycle. If you want to avoid conception, you would abstain from sexual intercourse during your fertile period, but if you are trying to have a child, then you would try to have intercourse during those fertile phases. Couples can use natural family planning to space out their births and limit the number of children they want to have – both for health and economic reasons.
The article is very descriptive, it talks about cervical mucus.

What's going on here?

Population-wide decline in Massachusetts’s men’s testosterone levels during the last 20 years that is not related to normal aging or to health and lifestyle factors known to influence testosterone levels.
In one of the largest study of its kind, Travison et al. report a population-wide decline in Massachusetts’s men’s testosterone levels during the last 20 years that is not related to normal aging or to health and lifestyle factors known to influence testosterone levels. They found that testosterone concentrations dropped about 1.2% per year, or about 17% overall, from 1987 to 2004. The downward trend was seen in both the population and in individuals over time.
In commentary accompanying Travison et al.’s study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Dr. Shalender Bhasin (Boston Medical Center) writes: The data in this study are “important because they provide independent support for the concerns raised earlier about the reproductive health of men.” … “it would be unwise to dismiss these reports as mere statistical aberrations because of the potential threat these trends– if confirmed– pose to the survival of the human race and other living residents of our planet.”

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What does it mean to "live in sin"?

I regularly read "Dear Wendy". I don't comment, because it is apparent how completely different my life is compared to the average reader there.

5 Tips to Peacefully ‘Live in Sin’ (and not totally alienate your religious parents…)

You love your parents. You love God. You love your boyfriend. Love is good, so why not just get married. For this talk about love, which is sincere, why then do you deny the full acknowledgement of it? Out of love, she denies herself marriage? Someone help me follow this without any relative moralistic meaningless cliches.

Really you're just lying to yourself, and upset your parents won't play along.

She claims it is between her and God, but God made it pretty clear what He wants from us. He gave us the gift of marriage, and what is she stating somehow her relationship is too good for marriage. Because that's what she is actually saying.

Marriage: It turns water into wine.

Mosaic of Jesus at Cana in Cappadocia

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Thought

Could there be a connection between the longevity of humans in the Book of Genesis and the Paleo Diet?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Stations of the Cross at 5th & Bridge St.

Just witness an atheist take a dig at Christians online, after I finished the Stations. Of all days to make a quick swipe, a day in which we recognize an innocent man being mocked and crucified. Taking a cheap shot when Jesus is already pretty beaten up, kind of a bad call? Don't you think? I'm sure the atheist is completely unaware of that irony. This weekend, this friend was to celebrate reason, science, and atheism. What no sacrificial love? Hello, you know love.God is Love. Love is God, even if one's pride doesn't let you know it yet.

“Pass over to renewal” – A Holy Week message

Over at Conversion Diary there is no 7 Quick Takes in observance of Good Friday. She shared this instead.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pardon the implied profanity...

Yes, I feel like a broken record.

I may be out of touch with President Obama, but one thing I'm not out of touch with is my body. Unfortunately I'm so in touch with my body, it will make a person blush. Heck, it makes be blush that I don't think i could speak publicly about it.

My husband and I have some interesting conversations since we're currently still avoiding. It's definitely a lot of heads up planning, the fact I think we have to plan to be together, is what actually encourages us to be together. The downside for any person with permanent/long term birth control is the burden of not be using it to the fullest extent. If I was taking a birth control pill for nothing or have an IUD inserted in me for nothing, I guess I wouldn't be seeing it as medicine, but a burden.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kennedy and Catholics

40 years of difference...

Over at Richard Howe's blog, Marie Sweeney highlights the use of Franciscan Retreat Center over in Andover. There are photographs of Rose Kennedy, campaign on behalf of Ted Kennedy.

Meanwhile Ted Kennedy's wife is unable to speak at commencement at Anna Maria College due to the positions she supported along with her late husband, Ted Kennedy.

Here is a comment.

While I don’t have all the facts, and certainly your points have merit, your final line I think speaks to what the Church is trying to clarify. It is time for the Catholic Church and her affiliate institutions; schools, hospitals, charities to remain steadfast in what they believes is right. While the horse may be out of the barn (ie Ted Kennedy should have been sternly reprimanded by the Church, his widow is non the less only speaking because she is, in fact, his widow). By her own admission, she holds no office and is no public figure, but if she is not pro-life then they should find a speaker who is. what you are witnessing is a sea change within the Church. When the Obama care mandate for birth control became non exempt for religious affiliates, the Church finally realized its very existence is being challenged and marginilized by the federal government.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well it is Palm Sunday, and Vice President Biden says I'm 'out of touch'.

As I enter into Holy Week, I'm faced with our Catholic Vice President Joseph Biden stating (via CBS NEWS)
"I just find it remarkable that the argument is even taking place," Biden said. "I think it's totally out of touch with reality and totally out of touch with what the Independents." The vice president also said it violates "the right of women to decide for themselves, whether or not they want to use contraception."
Women have every right to decide for themselves, there is no 'War on Women'. There is no banning or outlawing of contraception. Women have access for it, and are willing to pay reasonable prices for their family planning. This is about Our First Amendment Rights to the practice of religion. The only institution that is forcing someone else do something against their conscience is Our government forcing the Catholic Church to cover the financial cost contraception. It's Palm Sunday. I should be happy, but right now well this makes sad and horrible.