Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Jr. ROTC high school student and the four losers in the sedan.

I was walking back up Bridge Street, in front of me was a Hispanic high school student in his Jr. ROTC uniform walking the same direction. While on the John Cox Bridge, a beige sedan with four white guys in it. They seemed slightly older, possible 18-20 and the music was pumping, not too loud, with some rap music with its fair share of 'f*cking n*gger' in the lyrics. The scrub in the passenger side rolls down the window and calls for the Jr. ROTC teen, the teen looks backs and the passenger with his fingers 'shoots' at him like a child would. The teens laughs at him of but nervously and picks up his pace, I could not overhear the conversation.

As we cross Bridge Street and the VFW, the teen looks back as the sedan that is stuck at the red light. He catches up with a female student walking home from Lowell High, and after they cross the intersection he tugs at her sleeve asking her if she wants a coffee at the Dunkin Donuts they're passing.



  1. Not a good impression for our youth.

    This s a place where parents, even of older kids, even of college age kids, can make a difference.  Parents.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Trying to stay positive. Nice to still see the jr ROTC at the high school. The home daycare provider I used when the oldest were babies, had her two girls in jr ROTC.

    Terms like f*ck were used, but not so often. Not to replace other adjectives, and I couldn't imagine anyone using the n-word as they use it so casually now.