Friday, December 14, 2012

Marriage reduces domestic violence in new mothers.

Less Partner Abuse, Substance Abuse and Post-Partum Depression Among Married Women, Study Finds

Dad isn't just committed to the child, but also understand the well-being of his children is based on the well-being of the mother. Creating a direct relationship with her, as his spouse (wife) makes a difference in studies. There is an inequality in relationships, for women who can acquire marriage with the father of her children and those who do not.

"What is new in this study is that for the first time we looked at the duration of unmarried cohabitation and found the shorter the cohabitation, the more likely women were to suffer intimate-partner violence, substance abuse or post-partum depression around the time of conception, pregnancy and delivery," Dr. Urquia said. "We did not see that pattern among married women, who experienced less psychosocial problems regardless of the length of time they lived together with their spouses."

I see nothing about federal tax benefits/exemptions in this study? I see nothing from the Bible either.

Feminists, if you really cared about decreasing domestic violence, you would understand healthy supportive marriages was the answer to our dilemma and not contraception. Rather promoting men as husbands and fathers, we have to rely contraception or abortion, because we are taught not to trust them. And men are taught that women are nothing more then sexual gratification. Today, the greatest benefit of marriage is now legal divorce.

When human civilization picks itself back up, we will have to give it a new name. People, we really messed up big time on this one.

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