Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Less programs that disenegage parents, and more that actually engages them in their child's well-being please

Living in a socio-economic diverse neighborhood, a good number of my son's classmates at the public Pre-K qualify for free/reduced lunch. The Lowell's Pre-K program is only 2.5 hours, so the first thing they do in the afternoon session is 'have lunch'. I didn't realize this, until I visit my son's classroom since he was 'Student of the Week'. My son doesn't qualify, so he just has his snack. It takes up 20 minutes of valuable teaching time for children, we can assume may fall into an 'at-risk' category, even though a limited income does not assume 'at-risk' in learning.

Even if they qualify for lunch, that should be outside learning time, there is a larger issue here. The parents who qualify, are not lazy or incompetent, they're loving parents who are fully capable of feeding their own children. Feeding a child lunch is not that hard, even teen mom is capable of understand that giving her child a glass of milk, a peanut butter sandwich, a banana or some baby carrots. Cost may be an issue and maybe a need for some practical home economic skills, but there is no need to treat a low income parents as if they are unable to make healthy food choices for their own children.

I'm all those for helping those who may need a little extra, even if it is in the form of a government program, what I'm not in favor is government unintentionally taking the basic functions a parent could perform away from them.

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