Thursday, December 20, 2012

I guess we should be happy that Gerry Nutter is concerned about the sanctity of the Catholic Mass.

"Is it Just me or does this just seem WRONG?"

My parish is having a second collection, requesting 'scratch tickets' and Gerry thinks it's sacrilegious.

It's once a year, and the parish is trying something different for a collection. It's not like the priest is just scratching the tickets up on the altar with the Eucharist pushed off to the side, just as the priest doesn't count a monetary collection up on the altar. The collection by-passes the altar to a financially secure spot immediately after the collection.

We're celebrating the Mass, not the money. But the parish has operating costs, so yes we need 'to ask' for money. I'm not a fan of scratch tickets/lottery/gambling myself, but if the parish wins something so be it. It's worth the chance once a year at Christmas. Some people love buying scratch tickets, if they buy them for the holidays, then why not purchase one for your parish.

Yeah, It's my parish. Saint Michael's. And yes, we do give money to the poor and other charities. 7% each week of the 1st collection is given to a local charity, the rest go to the expense of the parish. EACH WEEK, all 52 of them. And on the First Sunday of Advent season there was a giving tree, with dozens of gift tags for local agencies that serve the needy. The parishioners gave there as well. Never mind there is also a Saint Vincent de Paul chapter to serve the poor.

I'm not suppose to brag or gloat about what the parish does or doesn't do. I will make note on its collection practices, since it is implied that we are not serving others.

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