Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I don't want my children to live in a prison.

I want to live in a neighborhood where I can have my windows open during the day, even at my children's school. My darling, skipping school on a crusade to get bullet-proof windows is only for your ego, and not helping. From the Lowell Sun

"Undeterred by the potential cost -- which Tony McDermott estimated at "about 200 grand per school" to retrofit each school with a more layered security system -- he and his daughter hope to jump-start a nationwide movement to dramatically increase school security, beginning in Dracut, said Tony McDermott, who owns Critical Clouds, a highly specialized security-software company based out of his Wheeler Road home in Dracut. "As parents, we find Vera's efforts quite amazing," said Tony McDermott, speaking also for his wife, Leslie. "She needed a place to focus her sadness and anger. We're very proud of her."
Excuse me, she is a girl who lives hundreds of miles away. She lost no one and knew of no one from this incident. Her father has a financial incentive. Yet she is so sadden by this, she is excuse from her obligation from school work. ""I came home from school and the news was on, and my mom showed me," Vera said of how she first learned of what happened in Newtown. For now, Vera is too frightened to return to school. Her father says they are taking it day by day. So rather than remain scared and do nothing, Vera asked her father what she could do to improve her school's safety, she said. Actually she is being truant, and this is not a legitimate excuse to stay home. So she can't be a nanny in all our lives and demand we be imprisoned for our own safety.

I'm bringing my children outside and look at the sky with no barriers, before I get accused of neglect. What happened in Newtown CT, made them sad as well. I told them the gunman either rejected or was unable to love humanity, and it is our job to love not just one another but also to go out in to community and love our neighbor.

My God! Pray for us!

I take my chances I want to be free, not hide with fear! What next dig up the soccer fields, cancel parades, and ban children from grocery stores, because it just isn't safe for them to be in the open public.

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