Monday, December 31, 2012

Big Footed in Massachusetts Politics

As stated previously, I haven't been happy with the Democratic Party's platform. Not that I'm please with the Republicans, but in Massachusetts I'm working in a one party state so most of my frustration is directed to the only party that actually exists.

To be honest those who are upset with Democrats, didn't think Scott Brown was that great, but better then the alternative. The cult like existence of the Democrats in Massachusetts, ensure anyone will win against Brown in 2012. It was revenge, and no one, not even an innocent amateur Cherokee genealogist being accused as a compensated agent of the tea party or a sad excuse of an inactive attorney (me), who follows the rules of the Mass BBO will get in the way. Really it's creepy, and I'm happy to see Democrats standing up to this bull-sh!t finally.

It's bad enough when I feel the heads of the Massachusetts Democratic Party push candidates not to run/drop out, to make sure 'the right candidate' got in. But when you have the DCCC and the DSCC putting their two cents into the decision making it into a non-decision, it gives Oliver Stone a lot to agree with.

Big-Footed by Mayor Bill Manzi of Methuen

With the short time frames involved the Washington power structure has made it incredibly difficult for any other potential candidate to gain traction. The other candidates who have been prominently mentioned are Congressman Michael Capuano, Congressman Stephen Lynch, and State Senator Benjamin Downing. Others, like former Congressman Marty Meehan, Vicki Kennedy, Edward Kennedy Jr., Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, and a host of others, took themselves out of contention, leaving a more limited choice for Democrats. Under those conditions, and fearing a Scott Brown comeback, Washington insiders determined that they would unite behind Markey in an attempt to stop a primary bloodletting that might hurt the Democratic nominee.

We didn't have a primary in the last election, and we got Elizabeth Warren. Sorry, but she's lazy cheat that lacks leadership skills. If the state really really really wanted a pro-choice/gay marriage supporting female Senator, we had a good handful, many of them honest people and if needed be would have Massachusetts and the country's best interest at heart, and not the Democratic Party's interests to maintain power over the will of the people. So the Democrats can chant and berate that Senator Scott Brown is/was nothing more then an NRA/Wall St. supporter, but he's pathetically is/was a lot more sincere in his representation then anything the Democrats at that party level have produced.


  1. What about our current state senator, Eileen Donoghue?

    I agree about the other person being a self-serving opportunist, but, frankly, the Republicans didn't play that well.

    Speaking of Republicans, that first paragraph really hurt the ten of us here in Lowell.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. I personally couldn't vote for Eileen due to ideological differences, I would feel comfortable writing to her and getting a thoughtful response/actions depending on what I was requesting.

    Eileen isn't loyal enough, remember once she changed her voting registration from Democrat to unenrolled. It came up in the 07' campaign. Scandalous don't you think...

    State Democrats are so strong with a cultural identity, it is unclear how the state Republican Party even if their platform is a strong response to the Democrats how it can overcome such adoration.