Sunday, December 23, 2012

Assessing risk and helping others in Lowell

Over Thanksgiving, we were gifted with a box of Meals Ready to Eat from my husband's family that lives in Pennsylvania. They received this case of MREs during Hurricane Sandy from FEMA, but never used the food and thought our children would like the novelty of eating MREs. I didn't feel comfortable eating these MREs, while I know victims of the storm are still recovering. In fact I didn't feel comfortable with these MREs at all, unless it was truly an emergency situation. I rather give them to someone who needs these meals.

I did have the homeless camps in mind, here in Lowell homeless camps are present and have existed over years. However I would not put myself at risk, by simply approaching the camps. I do not know the situation, even though there is relatively little problems with the camps themselves, there are individuals with addictions problems residing in the camps. And I'm not sure how they feel about strangers approaching them, as well.

I was in luck yesterday, when I saw a Facebook posting asking Paul Belley if the homeless camps needed anything. Paul lives closer to the camps, and in the past has gone over to see if they have any needs. Usually blankets. I immediately commented about our MREs. And those MREs are in Paul's hands today, to be brought down later this week.

The world is never risk free, most situations are safe in Lowell. It is important to understand how to assess risk for average person, and I fear in the name of keeping children safe we will fail to teach them how to assess risk.

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