Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. Despite living in Jack Kerouac's neighborhood, here in Lowell, I don't care, Bad Catholic. Otherwise great article on Jack Kerouac being Catholic here in Lowell and it's influence.

"“The Catholic Church is a weird church,” Jack later wrote to his friend and muse Neal Cassady. “Much mysticism is sown broadspread from its ritual mysteries till it extends into the very lives of its constituents and parishoners.” It is impossible to overstate the influence of Catholicism on all of Kerouac’s work[...]The influence is so obvious and so pervasive, in fact, that Kerouac became justifiably incensed when Ted Berrigan of the Paris Review asked during a 1968 interview, “How come you never write about Jesus?” Kerouac’s reply: “I’ve never written about Jesus? … You’re an insane phony … All I write about is Jesus.”"

2. A comment from Free Range Kids on what you should REALLY do to keep your children safe.

"Minor as the act of holding a door open for a parent right behind you (especially one with a baby in an infant carrier) may seem, it is a moment to care or be cared for. It eases the hassles of parenthood and makes us feel welcome and connected. Sometimes it starts us talking. At the very least it gets us to take a good look at one another, allowing us to recognize which parents belong with which children. It sets us up to be an extra set of eyes to protect those children."

"To ask me to slam the door in the face of a parent I recognize breaks down that community. And to what end? The shooter at Sandy Hook faced a similar security system. He was not let in, he shot his way in. Moreover, even when protecting military secrets I am not asked to shut the door on someone I know belongs in there.


4.Had to have a 'what if' conversation with Katherine, if a gunman ever attacked her school. She brought it up, due to a memorial service at the parish school today. The 'what if' involved the custodian and and the school secretary with cans of mace and duct-tape, ideally. You know, we don't want to kill the gun man, because either he is mentally ill or/and needs to be forgiven. Otherwise there are few places to hide, so use the alternative fire exit routes. Unlike a scenario when a there is a bank robbery, when you want a proper lock down, in case the criminal is just using the school to hide from the police. James asked, when the gunman killed himself was it out of guilt for what he did? I respond probably not, that killing himself was a part of the plan. The gunman rejected humanity/love to the point he wanted to take innocent life with his own. I told him I couldn't wrap my head around that either.

5. I did almost all of my shopping on Zulily this year. I had to get in done Thanksgiving week, because it takes three weeks to fully ship. Very happy with the quality and price, but a little nerve wrecking in if you're buying time sensitive. Mostly close-out deals from name brands, and everything is first shipped to them to be checked for quality so items are actually 'opened' there for that purpose.

6. I missed Minor Revisions last night, my youngest has his sleep out of cycle and went fell asleep too early only to awake at 9pm. Hopefullly it will be on Youtube for a week.

7. My twitter account is up and embedded.

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