Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.I'm still enjoying Christmas.

2.I've been good over the years to utilize the Advent season wisely. My children still do many of their school/club activities pre-December 25th, but we make sure Christmas is still Christmas until Epiphany. We never over do Christmas on Christmas morning. I've taken my in-law's tradition and do not do big ticket items on Christmas and stagger out visiting relatives over the week.

3. I'm also good about avoiding the malls/shopping centers immediately after Christmas. This helps as well, I remember as a child being in the 'return line' the day after. Terrible way to enjoy December 26th. So buy gifts that don't risk returning.

4.My youngest wanted to know why I didn't have a baby. I would happy to have more, but circumstances beyond my control do not foresee that occurring. He did understand that life comes from eggs, which I thought was interesting he had that connection. I do talk about the reproductive system at times with the older children. So he knows that I have 'eggs', just not like the eggs in the fridge though.

5.Someone bought my children Nerf guns, the high-powered battery operated type. Um, yeah. Thanks. Nerf darts everywhere.

6. We're still cooking, here as well due to the Christmas feast, which I enjoy. We have large breakfasts and even enjoy some take out, which is a treat for us.

7.I need to make an MP3 compilation of Christmas music, I can't even rely on some of the online music stations for Christmas music after December 25th.

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