Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. There are lot of children today with no siblings or cousins. All they see are aging baby boomers, telling us there should be fewer children.

2. I posted this earlier, but I liked it.

3. I have a twitter account, but I can't find the proper widget for a newsfeed on blogger. Any help? I tried through Twitter Widgets and it isn'th there.

4. Reports Cards were sent home. My children aren't geniuses, but they might be Saints (or atheists).

5. The War on Christmas, senior living style. As reported in the Lowell Sun, the residents are not allowed to have a Christmas Tree in the community room. It is a privately managed building, not government, so management has that right. But these residents are paying thousands of dollars in rent, and they can't get a decorated tree to sit in the corner for a few weeks a year. Sounds like a lovely place for any grandparent to live....

6. The tree will got up this weekend. It will stay up until New Years. Sorry, that's the best we can do, but other decorations stay up.

7.Sometimes I get seriously sadden, by the state of affairs and I have to remind myself I live on Earth. Sh!t is constantly going to happen.

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