Friday, November 30, 2012

What is the total fertility rate of the world?

With so much talk of contraception, one would think it would be high. But it is only 2.5, less then three children on average for a woman. Yes, it varies from different regions, and the highest birth rates in Africa (about 5 children per a mother). But the secular white man, is doing its part to ensure that African uterus(es) to conform with others around the world. The world population will peak in about 15 years, then shrink. Most population growth is due to longevity, not birth rate.

Fertility Rates are Decreasing in Some Unexpected Countries

governments looking to stem a shrinking population that is causing a future problem with their social welfare programs. (Note: in general, whatever governments offer, people don’t have materially more kids. Once women are convinced that kids are more of a burden than an advantage, they do not easily shift from that view, even if that view is wrong.)

Various religious leaders realizing that the women are not with the program of growing their ranks, where contraception has become quietly common. I am speaking mostly of Catholics and Muslims here.

Abortion, especially for sex selection reasons becomes more or less common. Growth in future population depends heavily on the level of fertile women, and if they are being killed or not at birth in places like China, India, the satellite countries of the former Soviet Union, etc… fewer women means a lower growth rate, and unhappier societies 20+ years out.

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