Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Too Pampered"

h/t The Digital hairshirt

On Friday I posted the story of "Where Have All the Children Gone?", in which after the Korean War, the United States and Planned Parenthood did everything within it's power to lower Korea's population. Over 50 years ago, 33,000 Americans died in Korea against communism, while Korea to this day is divided with a dictatorship on the North, South Korea was inflicted with contraception mandates that look more like China's one-child police then a nation that was freed from communism.

In Japan, more adult diapers are sold over baby diapers.
Of course, Japan—Nikkei, Discman, and all—could just be in the middle stages of terminal decline. Zero interest rates be damned: Jobs are scarce, deflation constantly threatens, and China and Korea are not getting any easier to compete with. Japan’s debt-to-gross domestic product ratio, now well over 200 percent, is tops in the world.

Birth rates fall below replacement level, and the CDC complains there are still too many pregnancies that need to be prevented. Meanwhile unsure how we can ever pay down our debt, as a country. Maybe too many people don't want to have children, in fear of burdening them with this problem.

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